Roaming Spirits!

Call me crazy! But i'm use to it.
I can remember this since i was little. But it all is so very true!
Everyone has always told us it was all our inmaginations.
While growing up I live in a house that was built probley like in the 1920"s or so and my Father and a few of his friend built it over a Indian burial ground. They knew that of course. From everyone talking about it. Growing up in this house was ok except sometimes we would here Idians and the sound of horses running. As me and my brother and sister got a few years older. And out of nowhere their cam a spirit of a little boy. We always saw him run or skip around the corner of the house. And one day i saw him myself and. He was skipping around in a circle like he was bored. He had a glow around him as if he was in a spot light or the sun was shinning on him. Later in years i went and did research on this child and i did find a story from the area place. That was called the romeing child. It says in the book it meant that the liitle boy was buried in a unproper burial spot. "Whatever that meant."
Later after movein out and brought a trailo and move on the same propery as my Father's. The trailor i bought was spirited just the same. I had always saw a woman stand in my hallway. Never said anything never moved. Just staired.."Very Scarey" I Had 2 daughters while living there and my oldest daughter use to have night terrors and sleep walked. And when she was about 4 or 5 she woke me up one night screaming and crying, I of jumped out of bed. Knowing something had happend. I ran to her bedroom and all of her toys were stacked up infront of her bedroom door. As if someone or something didnt want me to get into her. I moved it all and asked her. Why did she do that. she said "I didn't mommy.the little boy did it." Hmmm i wondered how she knew about the little boy i never talked to her about him. A few years later she stated playing and talking to a spirit named Caroline.' I thought just a inmaginary friend. I had another girl in 2005 she is 6 years old right now and she swear she talks to A girl named Hannah, And Bell. and the Hannah takes her on a journey at night time, and she said "Mommy this place is so pretty and alot of bright colors. everyones flies and is n white, and it has a big table with lot and lots of food." YES NOW THATS SCAREY! she tell me about how these two little girls died.. I wonder how she know or if it's all true with her or just dreams..
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Your child might be a magnet for this kind of energy. You may need to set boundaries for these spirits. And she will have to help you. she needs like you to tell them to leave if they are dangerous or you fear they are. and remember dark spirits feed on fear so whatever you do be calm focused, firm and clear when you order them out. Keep your emotions out of it. And helping your daughter to understand that they will listen to her if she isn't afraid and tells them with a strong voice to leave. Then and only then if things continue or get worse consider professional help like a house or personal blessings. Courage. I will pray for you.