My Strange Experiences At Home (paranormal?)

All of these things have occured over the past 2 months.

1st thing - My eldest brother tells me about how he sometimes hears things at night coming from downstairs. I think nothing of it.

2nd thing - (Event took place around 3am) I am on my PC alone in the room. Everyone is in bed. I am listening to music using headphones. I feel something physically grab me around the left side of my stomach, I thought it was my brother creeping up on me as he sometimes does but I turn around to find that nobody was in the room and everyone really was in bed.

3rd thing - (Event took place around 9:30-10pm) I was home alone. I was expecting my brothers to be coming back from our nan's place at the time. I was upstairs when I heard the kitchen door slam shut. It was the loudest i've ever heard a door be slammed in this house before. I was almost certain it was my brothers, even more so when I could hear glasses being moved along the kitchen table tops. I went downstairs expecting to see my brothers. To my suprise the room was empty. My brothers didn't return until about half an hour later.

4th thing - This is the strangest. This morning my mum claims that her double bed was moving slowly (as if it was being slightly pushed from side to side). She was tired and thought she was hullucinating at first. A few seconds later she feels some carress her hair from her neck to the top of her head. This got her scared. She decided to turn around to see who it was. As she went to turn over from her side to see who it was, she couldn't because she claims that some force was holding her head from turning.. She described the feeling as being different to someone physically hold you with a hand.
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I hope everyone goes alright for you all.. and that paranormal activity keeps to itself..

Get a crucifix.

Omg dude ! That's ******* scary !!

That is so scary! I think I'd chicken out and just leave that place for good! I hope this spirit/ghost person isn't planning on hurting any of you guys

i would get the f out of the house even it was 12:00 am knocking on my neighbors door

Very strange indeed. It would freak me out!