The Burning Spirit.....

I was about nine years old and I was having a shower when I felt a presence behind me, I looked back and saw a spirit standing there and staring directly at me. Now to say it was staring is kind of saying much because to stare one would have to have eyes which it did not, it had eye sockets that was the color bright red but no eyes. It had no complexion to determine race, just the color of soot and it had nothing to determine gender, it looked like the description of the human body that you'd see in medical books which shows the muscle tissue and veins but this spirit had red veins going all through it and a skeletal head. I have to mention that it was standing in flames and the flames came up to it's ankles so I couldn't see them, it's hard to explain but it seemed to be in a cave of some sort but still in our bathroom.. There it stood silently "watching" me and my head seemed to feel swollen all of a sudden as I was screaming - I could hear my voice echoing also and I just ran straight through the spirit cuz it was standing by the entrance of the bathroom.
I always wondered what it was and after all these years (21) I still think about the experience and wonder why I was the one to see it. My mum sent my brother to go turn the pipe off after i'd ran out screaming but he didn't see anything when he went in. It was the most frightening experience in my life.
basicinstinct30 basicinstinct30
May 8, 2012