Now You See Him, Now You Don't ..

Ok I know this will sounds insane and to me it does too but I met this guy online a few years ago, he lives in another part of the world (EU/UK) so after chatting with him for a few months online we decided that he'd travel to my country and we'd meet up finally. He soon started saying that his family is warning him about traveling to a strange country to meet a strange person which I completely agree with cuz people are crazy and you can't be too careful. In any case, he still decided to take the trip later that year. One night, I was going out with one of my girlfriends and her sister and as we were walking through the parking lot to enter this place we'd decided to hang out at I had a feeling I was being watched and as I was going up the steps I looked behind me and saw the guy sitting in a car with the lights on staring directly at me. I was so shocked I looked away for a second but when I looked at the car again it was empty and in darkness.
I wasn't drinking that night to say I was drunk (I'm one of those people who order cranberry juice at the bar) and I doubt it was a hallucination cuz I don't do drugs. He lived in a country thousands of miles away and we'd spoken that very night so it's not like he'd come to my country on a trip unknowing to me plus the time between when I saw him in the car and him not being there after I looked back is weird because not even Usain Bolt can move that fast.
I can't explain it but I hope someone can.
basicinstinct30 basicinstinct30
May 8, 2012