Hounds Of Hell

This occurance is only one of many that I've recorded in a private journal. Since I cannot paste my entire journal into this little block of space, I went through each of my records and selected this one. If you'd like the full run-down of all the demon encounters my sister and I have experienced, along with all of the miracles we have encountered from God, then email me or leave a post on my profile. I'll send it to you.
" " stands for speech, ' ' stands for thought, and < > stands for sound.
I also want to note that I do not believe in ghosts, but I believe in demons. Therefore, when something scary happens to me, I fight back with faith and the Bible, as you will see below.

It’s nighttime, and I’m lying in bed with my back facing the door. As I prepare to sleep, I suddenly hear all sound turn off in the room, as though someone pressed the Mute button. It’s so silent that it’s creepy; I can’t even hear the usual buzz of the air. It’s stone-cold silent.

The floor creaks so loudly that I actually jump, and my whole body is unexpectedly paralyzed with fear. My eyes are wide but I am completely unable to make my body move, to turn around and see what’s behind me. Suddenly, the creaking gets louder and louder, as though someone is coming steadily closer to my bed. The creaking becomes so loud at one point that my heart almost busts its way through my chest.

Abruptly, the sound stops, and I feel every single hair on the back of my neck stand up. I know, with absolute certainty, that the thing has reached my bed— it’s right next to me. I scream at my body to move, to turn around, but my body is completely frozen in terror and will not move. Then, I feel the unmistakable sensation of my mattress pressing down, as though someone is climbing into bed next to me.

My mattress is definitely being pushed down, and I cannot stand to be paralyzed any longer. Anger courses through my system— anger at being made a helpless victim— and my teeth clench as I feel the anger drown out the fear and my legs finally, finally, give a little twitch as they respond to my brain’s command: 'Move. Move. Move.'

With a great burst of willpower, I flip around and stare straight at the spot on my bed from where I am certain a demon is staring back. In the mattress is a visible dent where a body should be. I leap up and dash toward my bookshelf (positioned at the foot of my bed), grabbing my Bible. I return to my bed, standing next to it and brandishing the Bible in front of me like a shield. Before my eyes, the indent in the mattress lifts with another , and I know that the demon has gotten up from the bed. I hear the creaking of the floor as the demon walks away, and I sit back on my bed, eyes wide, trying desperately to make my eyes see what they cannot see.

The silence in the room becomes a light buzz once more— it’s a normal silence. I lie back in my bed once more and stick the Bible underneath my pillow. A whole hour goes by before I finally fall asleep, unusually exhausted.

Unfortunately, the nightmare is not over.

I wake, feeling extremely drowsy. My chest feels oddly tight, and I realize that I’m having some difficulty breathing. I attempt to roll over so as to relieve the pressure in my torso, only to discover that I’m unable to move. Within the next several seconds, I realize three things: a pair of arms (which I can’t see but can definitely feel) are wrapped tightly around me and restricting my movement, something is growling loudly in my ear, and my brain is still extremely drowsy (refusing to become fully alert despite my growing fear). I begin to struggle, but the arms tighten around me and the growling becomes louder. To me, it sounds like a dog is growling directly into my ear.

I realize that I will not be escaping through physical force, as the pair of arms are cutting off my oxygen and making it increasingly difficult to breathe, which in turn makes it harder to struggle. My drowsy mind recognizes that the creature keeping me prisoner is a demon.

I then realize that, even though I cannot physically move, I can still shout for help. My primary roommate is missing as usual, but in the next bedroom, I am certain that my other two roommates (who share the opposite bedroom) are still there. If I scream loudly enough, they should be able to hear me.

I open my mouth, gathering what little oxygen I can into my lungs, and scream.

Or at least, I try to scream. All that comes out is a weak exhalation, almost completely void of sound. I try again, gathering oxygen into my lungs, but the demon squeezes me again and the gathered air is forced out of my lungs. I try again, and again, and again.

'Help!' I keep trying to scream, 'Help! Help! Help!'

All that comes out is a weak, “Hhhhhh—”

At this point, I’m both furious and terrified. Furious because I am unable to perform such a simple action as screaming, and terrified because I wonder if I will be trapped in my own bed forever, unable to scream or otherwise alert others to the fact that I have been taken prisoner. How long would it take my roommates to realize that I haven’t left my room? Days? A week? What is a demon capable of doing to a human in a week?

Left with no other option, I summon all of my anger and transform it into courage— courage to speak to the demon one-on-one and face it with all of the power I have been given access to, as a child of God. Although I cannot speak, I sense that the demon can pick up on my thoughts, and so I begin to think furiously.

'I am a child of God. How dare you keep me prisoner. I am a child of God and I am ordering you to let me go. God is far more powerful than you, and as a child of God, I command you, in the name of my Father, to release me. You cannot keep me prisoner. I am not your victim. Let me go right now!'

As I think these words, the arms around my chest loosen and begin to withdraw. Finally, I am able to breathe properly, and as my mattress dips and creaks, I realize that the demon has also relinquished my bed, withdrawing completely. I open my eyes, not realizing that they had been closed the entire time.

Although I had been certain that I was awake during the event, my mind is still drowsy and the simple opening of my eyes makes me wonder if the whole thing had been a nightmare. I contemplate this for roughly half an hour before falling back asleep (my mind is still incredibly drowsy and I cannot seem to remain awake for long periods of time).

I am roughly awoken yet again by a pair of arms encircling my torso and growling in my ear. I repeat the same words as before, and again, the arms retreat, leaving me alone. I struggle to remain awake this time, refusing to be overcome by drowsiness. Despite my best efforts, I soon fall back asleep.

This time, I am most definitely having a nightmare.

In the nightmare, I am in a large, partially-rotted mansion, being chased by a pack of black hounds. The dogs growl and nip at my heels as I run frantically through the halls, trying to escape their gnashing jaws. Suddenly, the windows of the mansion explode inward as the walls turn a blood red and real blood begins to trickle onto the carpet. I reach a grand staircase, but as I take the first step, the hounds reach me and wrap their jaws around my ankles, pulling me away from the staircase. I scream and try to kick them off.

Suddenly, I am aware of a presence behind me, and I turn to see an extremely tall, humanoid figure standing over me dressed in a long, red robe, the hood concealing its face and casting it in shadow. As I peer up at this being, it emits a dry screeching sound to the dogs and I realize that the creature is encouraging them to tear to me to pieces.

I wake up, again with a pair of arms keeping me hostage. At this point, I am more annoyed than terrified (as the demon keeps repeating the same actions over and over), and so I repeat the same words as the previous two times. Again, the arms withdraw, and then I experience the sensation of waking up again.

Now fully awake and no longer drowsy, I glance around my bedroom before my eyes land on my alarm clock. I realize that I have woken up approximately five minutes before my alarm is set to go off.
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That must have been a terrifying experience! But I'm curious....why do you believe in demons but not ghosts?

Because I believe that once you're dead, you either go to Heaven or Hell; you don't remain on the earth. Demons, however, can come from Hell and torture the living.

Hi very interesting story, I'm a Christian and for a longtime I never believed in ghosts or spirits whatever many people call them. I believed that when you died you went to either heaven or hell. When I got into my 20's strange things started happening in places I lived in. I wrote one story, but will write more when I get some time. I started reading the Bible more and talking with people about the paranormal, and I realized that not all spirits are demons, I feel this way because of what I experienced and from what I read in the Bible and from hearing about other peoples experiences. I realize that sometimes when people read the Bible some may interpret the meanings different ways and their is a lot more teachings in the Bible about the paranormal then people realize. I'm not in any way trying to say what you believe is wrong please don't feel that way I'm just telling about how I used to believe and what I feel I may not of realized about the paranormal. I feel even though the Bible has been around forever people are learning new things in the Bible everyday, the words never changed but what they mean can be discussed and disagreed with. I can sends you some links to what I'm trying to say if you wouldn't mind reading some interesting information. The links I have are from a pastor I became friends with. ....michelle

Sure. Send me the links. :)

I tried to send you the links but for some reason, it won't let me. I sent a email to EP to see why, I'll try again when they get back to me.

Okay. Hope you figure out what's wrong.