Singing Lady Outside My Window.

A few months ago my husband had just come back from deployment and had a few weeks off, our roommates were on vacation and it was just he and I at our house. Sometime during the day I took an aderall pill and had trouble sleeping when it came time for bed, my husband fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. We had gone to bed around midnight or a little later and I was laying in bed playing on my phone. A few hours later, about 5am, I hear someone humming a song outside my window! It was really faint at first but it got louder and more clear as if it was getting closer and it sounded like a lady. It went on for a while, long enough for the tune to get stuck in my head... I was almost paralyzed with fear and my first thought was to hide my phone under my sheets so they couldn't see the light from it and know that I was awake. At first I thought it might be my neighbors since they usually leave for work a little before 6am but I normally hear their footsteps to the car, the car door open, and the engine start.. after the humming stopped I somehow got the courage to peek outside my window and it was still pitch black out and of course there was absolutely nothing there! Trying to fall asleep after that was a challenge because I couldn't get the tune out of my head.. so now of course I am terrified to be by my window at night.
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This literally just happened to me right now. I ws watching YT videos and then suddenly I heard a female like voice singing a creepy hymn fromnoutside my window. The thing is there was no one there. I closed my window right aways and just went "NOPE" "NOPE" So I just searched it up to see if someone else had the same experience and here you are

i had something simular .. i went with my sister to a restaurant while waiting i felt a need to go bathroom and when i got in there was this voice of huming lady like a unique song it was so beautifull that i felt its came straight from heaven ..turned to find no one so i freaked out and left directly.

I have had a similar experience of hearing a woman singing and it almost sounded god like singing or maybe like a nun. It was around 12:00am in the morning I usually stay up late. We had left a six pack of Pepsi in our blazer so I went to go outside to get it. We live in the country and we are not really close to other houses. It was misting out and a few flurries but not windy at all. I went down our front porch stairs and was about maybe three foot from the back door of our blazer when all of a sudden I hear a woman singing so I turned around to see where it was coming from. I looked and there was nothing there i continued to hear it for a few more seconds and then the hair on my arms stood up and it really scared me. I ran back to the porch and up the stairs as I did this it stopped but I could not bring myself to go back outside after that I was just too scared. I know for certain what I heard and I'm not sure why I heard it but I have been freaked out ever since.