Majestic Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas(the Lady In The Brown Dress)

My husband and I stayed at the beautiful Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs Arkansa back in the summer of 2003. We stayed in room 352 (obviously the 3rd floor) , the honeymoon suite. This was a room with a huge 4 poster king size bed and an adjacent bathroom with a beuatiful oval jacuzzi style bath tub and separate shower and dressing area and a private toilet room with a door. The doors between the bedroom and the bathroom were 2 french style opening doors. Well during the night while I was sleeping my husband got up to go to the bathroom and decided to leave the light on in the private toilet room , so as to aide his return to the bed. He layed back into bed and turned to face the bathroom and a beautiful woman dressed in a long brown lacy fancy dress with a high ruffled collar around her neck and either her hair in a bun or a hat on came floating out of that bathroom and accross our room , never looking at him or making any sounds and just drifted thru the door to the outside. He said he was afraid to wake me for fear I would not believe him anyways. He said she was very peaceful and graceful looking, and just seem to float thru the door. The next morning as we dressed for our day and prepared to go down to the dining room for breakfast he told me the whole story. I could see how it affected him and did not doubt him for one moment. We proceeded to breakfast and asked our waitor how long he had worked for the hotel and he said 6 years and we asked if anyone had ever reported any strange sightings and he immediately asked us if we saw the woman with the brown dress or the white dress? Well we were even more intriged and then asked the manager and the bellman...all stating that the woma in the brown dress only appeared on the 3rd floor and the woman in the white dress would appear in the Ballroom as the staff cleaned after an even; she would turn the lights on and off as they worked and had been seen by those employees. We wanted to return and stay in the same room and sit up and wait for our previous visitor but unfortunately the hotel was sold and we never got that chance. We are believers!!!!
MemawLynn MemawLynn
51-55, F
Jul 6, 2012