Shadow People

I was sleeping. I am not totally sure what time it was but it had to be somewhere between one and three a.m. Suddenly, something woke me and I opened my eyes, straining to see as my man had turned off the telle and there were no lights on. My room was black as pitch as I have black curtains and shades so no street lights or moonlight entered the room. I turned from my back to my right side while sliding my hands under the covers to find the remote control. I wanted to turn the telle on to have some light as I've always been afraid to sleep in the dark. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I was looking at something standing next to my bed. My mind wouldn't focus my eyes at first because of the fact that the room was so black how could I possibly be seeing anything that was blacker than night? It was almost like the cut-out of a man. Just the outline, sort of like looking at a ginger bread man but totally black with no face no hands no eyes, just the shape. Standing right next to my bed with the head part bent down a bit, as if looking down at me. The figure was darker than the night time and darkness in my room. Oily-black. I quickly closed my eyes, still fumbling for my remote to get the telle on and some light in the room. Finding it, I opened my eyes and the figure was now bent, face to face with me. I would say staring into my face but there were no eyes. Just the shape. Hanging over my bed and just still as a stone. I closed my eyes again, my heart beating out of my chest, and got the remote out of the cover and aimed at the telle and clicked the on button. The telle sprang to life, light and noise entered the room and I opened my eyes. Nothing was there.

I thought about it and thought maybe I was hallucinating, or because I am afraid of the dark and half-asleep that it was just a figment of my imagination. I shrugged it off but put a light on and the television for the rest of the night. At about six a.m. I went downstairs to take my dog out and I heard my friend, who had spent the night on the couch, yell out "Who is it?!" and I said, "It's me? What's wrong?" I walked into the living room and she was laying on the couch totally covered, from head to feet, in her blanket, hiding under it. She flipped it off and said, "Thank God it's only you!" After explaining it seems she saw a totally black shadow cross the living room sometime during the night and go into the shoe-room foyer area. She had been terrified to move all night and lay there under her covers.

Since then, another person has seen the black Shadow man. I've not seen him again other than out of the corner of my eye, very fleeting, a few times but I have been woken up many, many times to someone screaming 'inside my head' almost. Like saying, "Maaaaaaaaaaa! Maaaaaaaaaaaa!" or something like that to the point where no one ever hears it but me [that is why I say it's in my head] but it wakes me up and then I cannot sleep for hours.

I've been falling asleep at work from lack of sleep and have become quite ill after having moved to this house three years ago. I've been diagnosed with Celiac, Hashimotos Disease, Thyroid Disease, High Blood Pressure, Type Two Diabetes, my Iron, Vit. A, B's and D have all bottomed out and my red blood cells aren't being created correctly or some such thing and I began to have lumps on my lower legs. My dog began having seizures since moving here and the Vet has her on meds for epilepsy. They have her on as many as she can possibly be on for her size, two different kinds of tablets and she still seizes like clock-work-every two weeks. Is it coincidence? Does it have anything to do with the black Shadow-man?

I don't know but am very curious to figure out what the hell is going on.
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I've experienced a shadow person. It was about the same time too. I was pregnant at the time and I was very uncomfortable so I was sleeping on the couch and my hubby was sleeping on a love seat across the living room. Ok I think, I woke up because I remember looking at my husband on the love seat, when a movement caught my eye. I turned and saw a shadow person walking from our kitchen, towards me. I had my arm tucked under my head and the shadow person stuck their hand in my arm pitt, kinda like it was trying to tickle me, only it didn't tickle, it hurt. I tried to bring my arm down and I couldn't move it for what seemed like a long time. Finally I got my arm down and the first thing I did was hug my belly protectively and I remember thinking very clearly, "Don't hurt my baby." I awoke my husband and told him what had happened, he said I was dreaming. Less than a week later I went to the Dr. and the babys heart beat was gone. He was dead. I only had a week left to go on my pregnancy. When I delivered the baby, he looked big and healthy. The Dr. said the umbilicle cord strangled him. Still, I am haunted by the shadow person I saw. If I was you I would move.

First-I am very sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences. A few questions also: have you ever seen anything like that again? Did you and your husband move? Did your husband believe you later on?