Demons Among Us?

I worked at a University and met many students from all cultures. It was a pretty interesting and fun job and I enjoyed it to the extreme. One of the friends I made was a girl from Costa Rica, Soraya. A very pleasant and funny girl who I got on with well as we shared many similar interests.

Soraya went home on holiday for a few weeks and came back with presents for her friends, including me, and had left them in her car. She asked me to meet her in the parking area after work so she could give me my souvenir.

At 5:00, I met her back in the parking area and we were chatting by our cars. She was telling me about her holiday and her family and other bits and pieces of what she did while there. She gave me my souvenir which she said was made by some Indians in Costa Rica. It was a little doll made of hay or grass or something akin to those sorts of plants and it had beaded eyes and it looked to be actual hair sew onto it's head. It was dressed in what I should think was traditional garb for that area and it was quite cute. We continued to talk and suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement from beyond the eight foot construction fence that surrounded the parking area to my left. I glance over and saw a huge, black figure standing on the other side of the chain link fence looking our way. I turned my body, still chatting with her, to stand so I could watch and see what it was. The thing leaped into the air and landed on our side of the fence in a crouched position. I could clearly see it now. It was a muscular looking being which seemed to be at least 6 feet tall, all black but with some sort of scale-like indention or depressions in its what could only be called skin in my mind. As it watched us, it sort of moved up and down while still crouched. It was almost as if it were breathing and it's body moved with each inhale and exhale. I was startled, to say the least, and did not mention it to my friend nor stop her from talking about her holiday. I simply nodded and mhmmd at the appropriate times as I watched this thing that watched us. I looked at the head and did not see a mouth or nose but there were two holes, where eyes would be, with fiery-red, liquid-looking circles. The body was that of a man-like figure with muscles but no hair or genitalia that I could see. It never approached us but only watched and the only movement I ever saw after that initial leap was the breathing-bobbing movements.

My friend and I parted with good byes and keeping my eye on the thing I simply walked to my car and left. After arriving home, I spoke with my Mother about the incident and she said that the souvenir may have brought home some sort of demon that was attached to it; perhaps something to do with the person/s who made it in Costa Rica. I ended up tossing the doll away into the dumpster outside my flat just in case. I certainly didn't want that thing coming to mine in the middle of the night. Or in the morning, for that matter.

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Sounds like the "shadow people" that my sons have seen in the ba<x>sement. I have told them to bug me since I can hear them.......stupid move on my part but they left my sons alone. I am a native, so I got my sweetgrass out and blessed my home........ no more "shadow people".<br />
Come to think of it......I haven't smudged my home in over a year....and I am beginning to "feel" something at night.<br />
I have had health problems too in the past. I hope that you have some sort of higher power ritual that will help your situation....

yup,there was a curse put on it by the maker of that doll.if you would have told your friend she could have told you some thing.she of course did not bring this in on purpose but have told you how to un-do the curse.scarey.yrs ago i bought a wall plaque at a garage sale and that night a very bad looking ghost woke me up,staring at me the room ice cold,took me a few days to trace it to the plaque which could have come from a home,where black arts performed,threw it out.

how very strange

Your mom is right!...good thing you got rid of the doll!

Wow, that's A SCARY experience. Ugh! I don't know how you kept calm. <br />
Good thing you got rid of that doll.<br />