A Tall Walking, Black Human Shade

Before I tell my paranormal experience, I want to give some information about me. I am a scientist and not a good believer. I know for every unusual incident there is a explanation. But, I still could not find a one for my experience. What I tell is 100% true if it is not a trick of my brain (2-3 minutes maybe longer, licentious trick) And my experience is in my memory like it happened just yesterday.
I was 7. I remember it was about a week after my grand father's death. I was sleeping with my brother in a davenport. I don't know why but suddenly I woke up with a shiver. I saw a 2 meters long black as soot human shade walking through the door. He was bending in order to pass the door because he is too tall. I thought he is my father(he is about 1.85 meters) and called "dad, is that you?" There was no answer and the shade was walking to me. It was quite slim, has long arms and legs. When there is about 1 meter between us, he suddenly disappeared. But wait, he coming through the door again. I was scared and angry. I was saying " go! please go away! I will call my mom and dad! go!". My brother was still sleeping. I don't know why I didn't scream. Maybe because I was shocked. By the way, when he was repeating the same action (walk through the door, come very close, disappear, walk through the door and so on) I was keep saying "go! Please go!". At the same time I was tweaking my brother's crotch to wake him up. I was doing it without moving my eyes on the shade and stealthily. By the way the shade's face was also black as soot. I couldn't recognize any eyes or mouth. And I am sure it was facing to me. It took a while ( 2-3 minutes) and when the shade was at the location where he 1 meter away from me, my brother said "What is happening bro?" (he was 6), then shade disappeared again and did not come back through the door. I run and turn on the lights then went to the parent's bedroom and of course took my mother to my bed. She said it was probably a shadow, but it was not. I know what I see.
I want to make some explanations about my experience. First of all, I am very familiar with hallucinations. By the way I am 24 at the moment. If I sit up all night for exams I see very interesting hallucinations the day after (Spiders, monsters coming from the ground, waving blackboard when teacher touches with his pen) They are just for 1-2 seconds. I also want to share my another paranormal-like experience which is probably a hallucination but a very good one. It was also in my memory like it was yesterday. My both experiences were definitely not a dream. I am 100% sure.
I was 10. I was sleeping and having a nightmare. I am not sure about the subject of the nightmare because it was a dream. Maybe, I was falling from a elevated place and die. You know what happens when you feel death in your nightmare. Everything rotates into a black hole and you suddenly wake up breathless. Maybe I could not portray the situation but I think you got it. Anyway, I woke up by yelling "MOM!". And I see my mom sitting on the chair next to the my bed. She was very distinct in a dark room(a little shiny we can say). She smiled at me and pat my head ( I am not sure if I felt her contact with my hair, probably not). I suddenly relaxed, felt so fresh and said "Mom, you were here?" And she disappeared with her smile, pixel by pixel, in 2-3 seconds. Again I run, turn on the lights, run to parent's room and brought my father to my bed. Sorry mom, not you this time. By the way when I went their room my mother was sleeping with my dad as usual. I know this incidence is also a little paranormal-like but the adrenalin boost on a sleepy body made you see interesting hallucinations for a short time.
My stories are totally real. That is why I am scared in dark as a 24 old guy.
If you got here, thank you for reading my experience. You can contact me if you have any idea about the explanations of my experiences, or if you have questions.
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Yes, I totally believe these things can happen.

I found something on net. My first experience may be a residual haunting.