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When I was little Ive been able to see shadows.. It scared me. Of corse, as life went on I got used to them.. I also have a sense of knowing the future I guess'. For example I'll think of someone out of no where and within 2 days the person I thought of either dies or someone they are close to them dies. Or they go through something traumatic. I lost my faith in god.. I became very angry and resentful torwords him. Evrytime i would see or hear the word "god" or jesus, i would end the conversation.. im not a bad person. I can't wish bad on anyone cus it comes back to me. So thanks to that I always keep those thoughts out of my mind..Its hard to explain. But anyway. For the last 3 months, I've been goin through a hard time. I get off at work @ 3 am. I walk home which is about 45 minutes away. On my way home I go through a bridge in which about 4 or 5 people have jumped of and killed the selfs. Every time I walk through there I feel them around.mi cant see because it's very dark. I know it's stupid of me to do that but I have no other way.for the last month I have had suicidal thoughts of jumping of a bridge ( I am afraid of heights) I've felt soo lonely and soo sad as if I am just a waste of space. I shut off everyone in my life. Something happened about two weeks ago that changed my life.. I walked home again.. I've never been soo terrified in my life. I saw something follow me.. Went home took pictures in my room and to my horror... Saw the entities that followed me.. Evil demons. Ever since then I see them all day everyday now. I videotape them. It's as if they want to be seen.. i have two beautiful kids. And one night i saw how they were playing with their hair. I knew they wanted me so i wanted to get rid of the problem. I asked my sister to watch over them to take care of them. I wanted to kill myself so that they would leave my kids alone. That same night i lost all hope... Something amazing happened.. I took a picture as my sister prayed over me and i captured a beautiful angel by her side. He looks as if he is praying with her as well. After that. I got my hope and faith again. I went to church after soo many years. I found my god again..And that night.. As soon as i saw the shadows coming in, my fear my terror was gone!!! I stayed up fighting and telling them to get out. That we belong to god. My soul belongs to only my god! I see them still but I'm not afraid anymore.. I have peace believe it or not.. I feel as if I have a shield around me.:) but now I'm wondering if they want my help. I really need to talk to someone who knows about this. Help me please.
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I too remember seeing shadows when i was in kindergarten, it was fascinating, like a guardian that was able to see consequences. As I studied at the post-secondary level I realized it was helpful; my website has brief overviews as well as detailed short stories available for $5.00 each; you are not alone, and hope you are well.

Thank you, yes thats what worries me. About the msg they r trying to send me.. Or distract me from. - it's amazing every night I pray for my kids guardian angels, " I have two kids so I say my children's name and then say guardian angels pleas watch over them, I put their safety and their precious dreams on your hands don't let anything that is not godly touch them. I trust in god and I trust in you, thank you amen" I also just began calling my guardian angel, and yes its a beautiful thing. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God bless u!

Lilly. My Grandmother had the same experiences. She was born in 1899 and died many years ago. She was a kind, loving and gentle soul and I love her very much. She was a rare person who seems to be gifted (cursed) with the ability to sense spirtual presence. Some are malevolent and some Angelic. She physically described some to me. She was mentally healthy and had no reason to scare her Grandchildren. Please try to find your Guardian Angel. Everyone has one. You can go online to discover methods of finding him or her. With time, they may reveal themselves to you. You can ask that Angel for anything you want. In your case, to end the spirtual battle going on within and without you. Try it. They seem to be warning you of something while the malevolant ones want to distract you and make you disavow God. Don't fall into the trap. If you can't contact you personal Angel, take the second best step and see an Ordained Minister or Catholic Priest and share your details. Thanks for letting me share my story.