7 Years Later And Still Never The Same

Hi everyone.This is probably going to be a long story so bare with me lol. I had an experience about 7 years ago. I was staying at a friends house. He had been telling me for a good year that he had been having issues with the house he was living in. The house was converted into an apartment and he lived on the top floor. When he first moved into the house he called me in a panic explaining to me he put a stack of 20 washcloths on the counter and turned away and turned back to put them away and they were gone. I thought he simply misplaced them and told him that if i just retraces his steps he will find them. So later that day i come over to help him finish moving in and i had asked him if he had found his washcloths and his response was, "no i cant find them and i looked every where!!" i knew he was upset about it and so we left for awhile so he could get his mind off of it. As we were out driving he said, "i think theres something wrong with that house." I was explaining to him that its probably his nerves from moving. He seemed to have calmed down so i thought maybe itll pass. The very next day he calls me and is even more frantic than the day before. He tells me that when he was taking a nap and he woke up to see his bedroom window moving from the wall to above him on the ceiling and then moving down on top of him. He stated that he could see a figure on top of where the window was coming down onto him like it was pushing it on his body. He said he couldnt breathe or even move then out of no where it just instantly came back to its original position. He came over to pick me up to show me that what he was telling me was true. At this point in my life i did not have any reason to believe any of this stuff. Ive never seen or heard anyone i knew go through anything like that before. So i hung out with him for the night and stayed in the spare room. We were playing halo 2 that night and i go to the bathroom and as soon as i leave the bathroom the door slams behind me as im entering the next room. Where i live is very windy so i think to myself hey a window is left open. I go back to the bathroom and see the window not open. So i go back into the room and made the joke your house isnt level. My friend was like why did you slam the door? I told him i didnt slam the door. His eyes got really big and he said i told you!! I thought well theres got to be an explanation. I completely brushed it off as if it were nothing. A couple months went by and my friend had another friend of ours move into the spare room. This friend would state that he would have things move off of his desk randomly. And so my skepticism started to fade. The doors would slam shut repeatedly in the house and it started to creep the roommate to the point that he moved out. I asked my friend have you seen anything other than the figure that was trying to push the window on you and he said no but my roommate did and he moved out. I then asked him at one point what he saw and he lost all of his complexion and refused to talk about it anymore. So about six months later my friend had asked me to stay the night and i reluctantly said sure. I slept in the old roommate's room that night and at around 230 in the morning i heard this noise from the bathroom so i quickly looked up the hallway from the bed and saw this figure walking to my friends room. I assumed it was my friend until i saw the figure just standing there at his door. and i said, "Hey what are you doing just staring at your door" and as quickly as i said that the figure rushed at me and was standing over the futon just over my face staring at me. This figure had patchy stringy long hair and sharp long pointy teeth and it seemed frail and strong at the same time. I could hear the breathing and it sounded very menacing. I slowly put the blanket over my head and i heard this growl/laughter and i would peak under the blanket to see it staring at me in the corner of the room with this glow over it. Finally at 7am the next morning i had my friend take me home. I told him what had happend. He said he was calling an exorcist for that section of the house. well whatever they did only angered it more. The doors would slam open and shut and the toilet seat would open and slam shut the sinks and bath tub would turn on randomly. This all drove my friend to the point where he moved 2 states away because this was just tearing at him. For me ive not been able to get this out of my mind. And every time i drive down the street i feel drawn to that house. and no matter what time of day i drive by that house i always see a black figure in the window like its watching me. I dont know how to come to terms with this or what i should do. Do any of you have advice or been in similar situations?? I feel like this has scarred me in some way and i dont know what to do
braxy85 braxy85
26-30, M
Aug 18, 2012