What is needed on Y/our planet is a massive shift in consciousness. Their purpose is to assist in the change. The time will come when your consciousness will rise and your fear will subside, and then they will reveal themselves to you. Some of them have already done so.These are the enlightened societies they exist, they are real, and they have sent you their emissaries. Therefore, in a very real sense, That Which IS ....IS Not. This ISNESS is NEVER THE SAME. Need nothing. Desire everything. Choose what shows up. Feel your feelings, Yet when all the emotion is done, be still and know that I am God/Creator_ the source that runs it all . Fear not for I am with you. is the “New Thought Movement a process by which all of society shifts, It is the hundredth monkey theory in action. It is about critical mass. I now see, is to raise that collective consciousness. The words need to be at the entire world .

GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS- All that IS is constantly changing, for life is an ongoing process of creation. Therefore, in a very real sense, That Which IS ......IS Not. This ISNESS is NEVER THE SAME. This is the “New Thought Movement” a process by which all of society shifts . It is the hundredth monkey theory in action. It is about critical mass. “Its purpose is to give people back to themselves – and so, to change the world. You must stop seeing God/the conscience behind us that created & directs etc… as separate from you, and you a separate from each other. The only solution is the Ultimate Truth: nothing exists in the universe that is separate from anything else. Everything is intrinsically connected, irrevocably interdependent, interactive, interwoven into the fabric of all life. All governments, all politics must be based on this truth. All laws must be rooted in it. This is the future hope of y/our race; the only hope for your planet…. Indeed, a global consciousness is what is required. We are damaging and depleting your mother, the Earth, the giver of all life, out of a complete disregard for her needs and natural processes. (How can we ever begin to hope to solve these problems?

ECONOMICS: Simple. Eliminate money…Or at the very least, eliminate its invisibility . If everyone knew everything about everybody’s money situation , there would be fairness and equity . Nothing breeds appropriate behavior faster than exposure to light of public scrutiny. I dare you to throw out all your money, all your papers and coins and individual national currencies, and start over. Develop an international monetary system that is wide open, totally visible, immediately traceable, completely accountable. Establish a World wide Compensation System …establish what some have called a one-world government, with a world court to settle dispute….and a world peacekeeping force. Our George Bush, whom history will judge to be a man of far greater wisdom, vision, compassion, and courage than contemporary society was willing or able to acknowledge, was such a leader. So was Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. People have the right to basic survival. Even if they do nothing. Even if they contribute nothing.. All would be given minimal survival portions. Those who have more would be given an opportunity to contribute 10 percent of the earnings. Just as there would be lower limits on income, so would there be upper limits. First, nearly everyone will tithe 10 percent of their income to the world government. I am saying that the struggle between the “haves” and the “have-nots” has been gong on forever and is epidemic on y/our planet.~


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    The (enlightened societies they exist) meaning is other beings..yes 'Aliens' if you will, or won’t) Some are so awesome & some are not! The bad ones (like we have bad beings/ppl here,will tell us they are our God/s,this is a lie! They are not..the good beings will tell us truth,yes there is a entity/being/s of energy & light that is known as God, creator of all.
    I hope you go deeper,go w/in or go without~

Chanistaya Chanistaya
22-25, F
Sep 11, 2012