Sleeping Man In Bed~

Sleeping man in my Bed' Is one of my story's of many, so much the I come to the conclusion that ones persons madness is anothers reality ..... the reality norm! It starts here...
Under a light rem sleep I looked over to see a man with white garb on laying soundly asleep next to me. His skin was dark, he had black hair and had a medium size (not think nor thin)  mustache and I wasn't sure if he was sleeping or laid out for a funeral, he was simple just there! However I wondered why he was next to me? Funny thing was he look like my brother somewhat strange as it all was.  I didn't see him w/my naked eye,it was my 3rd eye w/in! I saw him so very vividly, never this clear as if awake. I recognized him to be middle eastern decent, from India or in that area. He didn't wake, blink move or show any indication of life even...he was just there Sleeping in my bed! The thing about 'sleep'  it's an 'inside view' of what's really inside of you' is how I explain this,it's outsides things being evaluated.... we are actually sound awake, like under a light dream rem state is all. Your totally aware, can hear others, but can't really move, I had this too all my life! But in this state I could move,freely. I also floated (astro) travel upward, until I could see the top of my tree's, a awesome sensation w/tremendous SPEED. This is what lucid dreaming sort of is feels like,sleep paralysis sometimes but this is different., it can blend into also Astro travel etc...

sOMEOne said he was one of my guides when I ask this Q, I'm still trying to figure this one out. What I did do is continued on in the quest for my truth/s after doing the church/religious thing,  I knew I had to go further,it wasn't enough & it surly did fit all the pieces together. So my search took me the "WISE MAN TO THE EAST"  right to his front door per say. I think that that's who he was/is,my teacher maybe?. As it's said_when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Another experience I had strange was when I was in the mountains (Idaho) I heard a mans Voice, perfect speaking voice_he didn't give me direction on anything like do something awful to another as in 'act' out or anything like ppl hear when they have an illness etc...but it was as if I was a radio transmitter to describe this. It sounded as if he was talking in a commercial, volume/tone & terminology, well sort of, only the language itself wasn't of any language of this world...

 I heard ppl's voices in my ear,head, & songs where I didn't even know all the lyrics but it finished the song anyway. I explain it as I am a Radio I feel electric currents all through me.... as if one w/me--It's kool!

When I astro traveled I was cold, I felt two properties; my spirit & my body. My soul was traveling fast up above the tree's in my yard,I knew it wasn't quite right & knew I was in bed. I demanded myself (spirit) to go back,b/c the higher I traveled the colder I became. When I came back i woke up & gulped in air,I immediately woke up when I returned.... I died ; I FELT soul went w/out my Knowing. It was awesome &  very intense. I love the fact that I was speeding upward w/a fantastic sensation.I swear to u this is true & science may one day accept this as truth. I really don't care, my experiences is my proof; & that's all I need for me! If anyone else who had this happen to them knows the feeling~

As I said before, I have many story's & experiences I love to share w/you all.
Chanistaya Chanistaya
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Wow, that was thought provoking and right about now I am thinking that you are once crazy Biatch! That man in your bed sounds exactly like me, the except for the medium sized mustache, black hair and the middle eastern descent thing but I too try to be a decent person...
At first glance, I think that we could be just a paranormal people trying to get by in this crazy world that we live in, but at first and a half glance I am thinking that you really are a crazy biatch - but dont worry, I like crazy biatches - I was married to one for 40 years!
Idaho about the man's voice that you heard in the mountains. Alaska psychiatrist about it for you just to make sure that you arent too insane. Well, I just stopped by to say Hawaii! Gotta run - after using those old jokes, I had better run - fast!

No,'s like we all are radios w /transmitters, we are all electric & thoughts are pure energy. If you know a bit about how we are designed, you'd know we are pure energy/water & electric! Our brains are electrical currents & transmitters; any Doc would know this & many now understanding that the paranormal is real. The east already know, are the great Masters CrAzY? As I posted, ones normal is another’s madness, no method to it@all...but hey' I'm so glad u brought this to my attention,i wrote this so quick & relized how lame & uninteresting it was. Now I got the chance to smooth it out,fix the wrinkels & make it better..thx my new CrAzY friend....perhaps it's you who? Take care~
Wuts normal but a fixing on ur plate? It's all CrAzY!


We are all crazy, each and every one of us., and each of us are quite normal, too. As in all aspects of life, we must try to find the right mixture of the normal and the insanity. While I do try to walk the middle path, it is the extremes that identify the middle. so I must walk the extremes to know where the middle is. I am just as crazy as you, Chanistaya, maybe crazier, because i ask to be your friend - How do you make that cool symbol - Ah, Yes, The Ascending Butterfly, symbol of change..Ѭ Ҋ ► Ӝ Җ Tt
Thank you god for your guidance(and a tip of the hat to google)ﻺ