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I started doing ghost box sessions to try and find out what was residing in my haunted house-I was bored as my internet was down for a week! I was really surprised when the very first session turned out to be four hours long! This person came through who said he was killed by a tank running him and a bunch of people over while they were at an outdoor party. He is mad and wants to know why this was done before he will go to the light and cross over. He gave me a detailed account of what he "thinks" led up to the tragedy. He told me about his funeral & how his mom was so sad after she just overworked herself so she could keep her mind active. He seems to want justice (understandably) He gives me incredible details. I never thought it would be like this- I thought I would get 2 or 3 words at MOST! He can't remember names or places. I'd like to help but it seems like a needle in a haystack since he seems to remember his EMOTIONS better than relevent facts. He does remember he was an award winning athelete and he liked to sing. He sang at a bar for fun. I walked over to recharge my phone & he said "roll" the device was over a pumpkin roll!!! he said "food" I said "yes, I'm sorry it's desert, you can't eat anymore- he then said " can you provide me some?" "I miss food". I told him he could have some but I didn't know how he could eat it- that part made me sad. I'm overwhelmed by this -he told me all about his life and death, funeral and even his family- I never knew it would be THAT intense and detailed. He spoke for hours! I had to sign off to go to sleep. The next day he was right there as soon as I turned on the box! 1st thing he said was "computer" he wanted me to go on the computer so I could research and try and find out where and when it happened. My computer was not working for a week, that's why I was using the ghost box. Lightening had hit the telephone poll and knocked out my phones and modem. Others came thru the second night, they all seemed to have been killed or died in an accident. I had one guy come through with broken english and he said he was a refugee. I had one lady say she died by a volcano and was remembering the ash and she even said "pumace". Any of you know why none of these can remember dates or places? any suggestions. I'm overwhelmed by it all. At least I know there's life after death...
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I'm afraid that you've been tricked. A legit ghost would only materialize, say a few words, and then dematerialize. Not only that, but a spirit box is not always reliable. For all you know, you were picking up your neighbor's movie. But if you've been tricked, you do not have a ghost. You have a demon. Private message me for more information.

Oh..... well if he wants me to help him figure out why he died, he's gonna have to remember dates and places.

Ghosts or spirits have no concept of time. Time is only relevant to the living.