Of A Ghost Unseen

My workshop is haunted. 3 people who never met had previously told me of a strange presence in my bathroom ( no seriously! ).

Then one Satursay one of the local kids who was an absolute s**t, about 6 yrs old, and with whom I'd had no end of trouble, put his ball through my window. His mother came over to remonstrate. She is 6'2", no change out of 15 stone and solid muscle and not someone I wanted to argue with [ not unnatractive with it either, but I digress :-) ]. Said brat was with her in tears, and she was all why don't you put a cage on your window so accidents like this cant happen. This lady was blocking my doorway, creating a daylight exclusion zone.

Then suddenly she went from aggressive defensive to curious passive. ' You've got a ghost here', she said and then began describing it as possibly benign, shy and quite well disposed to me, wishing me well.

Her son, the hitherto persona non grata, began filling in detail, saying she was female, not too elderly, dressed in local Fishwife costume and currently hid behind the filing cabinet and he could see her, at that moment describing her come out and disappear into the bathroom. It was as if she was surprised that some one, a child in this case, could see her.

I could see absolutely nothing. I had previously felt a bit odd, the place giving me the willies for no reason on occasion, but this building is only 40yrs old with all previous occupants, owners etc. still around. But there's been continuous habitation here for 500 yrs, something I'd innocently dismissed.

The next few minutes were bizarre to say the least. Mother tried to see her and it was a mother & son joint effort/ competition trying to coax the ghost into view. No joy. They couldn't get her to come into my line of vision.

So they left. As a parting gesture the son described how the ghost, a curious ghost by now, had followed behind me to the shop door and was hovering above my head.

Later I went into the bathroom, mollified by the fact the presence wasn't hostile and found myself talking to mid air, saying sorry for bothering her but she was welcome to stay.

I've tried to take pictures. There has been no results. Except...

I got a new camera phone one November. If I'm on me own and its cold I light and heat the place with oil lamps.I'm a bit of an incurable romantic that way. It achieves a certain soporhific tranquility. That day, I decided to photograph the ghost. I went to the bathroom and asked 'mid air' for permission to take a picture.

I pointed my camera at the stool in the workshop area and tried to find the 'go' icon on the phone. A new phone; I hadn't got the hang of it. I fumbled for a few mins. Then suddenly the oil lamp by the stool went 'pop' with a momentary flare. Instantaneously the mop in the bathroom fell over and hit the lavatory pan with a clatter that saw me run out the shop gasping for breath. It was as if she had got fed up waiting on me.

I went back. Eventually. I had to. Me kit was indoors. It was heart stopping, but I did it and nothing happened. And I left pdq.

A year or so later, the same thing happened again. But it was more obvious. And I wasn't taking any photo. I was on the computer, just like now in fact. The oil lamp slowly faded and brightened. At that instant the LED light on my cycle helmet suddenly came on in flashing mode. This time I was braver. I simply said 'Hello. Good to see you.'

There is one final incident. I came back from down south, after a long absence.Everything was A-OK. The next day on entering, I found a particular photo on the dead centre of the Tea Iron ( metal tea pot stand ) and a clock on the shelf on its face. The photo is remarkable enough but the only way that could have happened to the clock is if the clock was lifted and put back. Its a narrow shelf. I had only put a new battery in the previous night and had been watching it against my watch to make sure it was going.

My relations with the family have drastically improved. The son now respects me as I took him seriously, which is worth the peace alone. I still have never seen the ghost.

Pa1nsMcmurdo Pa1nsMcmurdo
41-45, M
Sep 15, 2012