I include this here because of its paranormal ending.

He was a carnaptious bloody minded foul tempered cross breed of a lurcher . He calmed down a tad when we had him seen to at the vets, but I think he still had it in for us. He may have reasoned he was beaten but he would take pleasure in showing that he was still very much his own dog.Which made him all the more loveable.

One of his pleasures was opening the washing machine door and ripping up the snotty handkerchiefs. To do that he would go out the living room. This involved opening the living room door too, using the door handle which he would accomplish with ease. And just to rub it in, he would just do it as the whim took. Like if we were watching telly and he was on the couch fed up waiting for Panorama or something, he'd just suddenly up 4 legs and off out the room, same as if we got up for a cuppa during the ads. One time me and a friend, who rarely visits were talking and he got up; I swear he gave me a look, and sauntered out, using the door handle as before, nice as you like. There was no washing on but we heard loud slurps from his bowl and then he just sauntered back in nice as ninepence ( 3 1/2 new pee) . It was the 'I'm off for a f***ng walk' attitude that cracked my pal up. And Benji not only knew it , he did it to wind my pal up. I swear.

Now they say to fool a dog, give him a door knob. Benji showed his utter contempt for this by completely bypassing this mantra.. Our back door is kinda warped and swings open with the faintest tug. So we snib it. One day there was this frantic scrabbling from the kitchen and we went to investigate. Benji was up on his hind legs, trying to lift the snib bolt up from its rest. He was quite frenzied for some reason and paid us no heed. With one paw on the wall we watched him splay his other over the snib and try to knock it up and push it back. He must have been cursing not having opposible thumbs too, he was so engrossed. Then suddenly he gave up, went to the middle of the kitchen floor, tail up and proceded to have diahorrea all over the lino. That bloody dog knew what it was doing all right.

Sadly after 16 yrs he had a stroke and had to be put down. I was away for months so missed it. I missed him terribly.

Early one morning I was asleep and was woken by him pawing my face wanting in the bed. It was unusually gentle. Not its usual vociferousness. As usual I rolled over, patted the duvet and felt him jump up, ever so gently and watched the duvet depress under his weight as he turned. But he wasn't there.

And then I realised.

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That dog had 'has' a very strong bond with you. excellent post, thanks.

He was independent, bloody minded, and dour, but I loved him to bits. Its touching that he had the presence to come back and say goodbye