Keratin Garden

I just graduated from college and have returned to live at my parents' house until I can find a job and get on my feet. One of my passions is nail art, so I decided that I'd start a YouTube vlog detailing how to do different manicures.

After recording a few videos, I actually looked back at some of them and noticed some strange things. There's pretty discernible audio & visual tearing in most of them. There are also points in the videos when I thought I'd heard something somewhere else in the house (my parents' house is really creaky for being as new as it is), but it's not on video at all.

What freaks me out the most, though, is this: There are clips of me included at the end of nearly every video that record events that I do not ever remember occurring. They're usually just shots of me still sitting at my desk after having recorded a manicure, finishing my nails up. It's as if the camera never turned off when it should have.

I do not edit my videos at all - I record them and then upload them straight to YouTube without tampering. You can see how this happening on its own would frighten me.

I've only uploaded 2 videos to my account because I'm pretty freaked out about what's been happening. But if anyone is interested in seeing the footage, I'll post more of it. I'm just not sure what to do anymore...

My YouTube channel is KeratinGarden. And, for the record, I'm not trying to get more views or become "internet famous" or anything. I'm serious.
Baronness Baronness
22-25, F
Sep 17, 2012