Of Emotional Turmoil And Cabbages And Kings

I am going through a bit of an emotional time just now. Love and death all rolled into one.

I have long thought the power of the paranormal is emotion. If I dreamt of something,that I later saw, eg. a no. 27 bus on its run, or some one in the room, the only indicator is an emotional familiarity to that particular cameo instant, like a photograph.

In Nottingham, UK there is a large area of grass that once was Arkwright Street. Its now just two roads and a junction. When I first came there I chanced on a old photograph of the street., it was so familiar. It had a feel to it, and it was strong. I felt like I had been there, often.There had been tenements and shops and a railway bridge over the road. There was a station too ( Great Central Railway for the Trainspotters ). Quite a bustling scene.And I felt I had been part of it. It was all demolished around 1968.

It seems puberty attracts paranormal activity. Possibly emotions and energies play havoc. There is one incident that I recall during mine. I had had an argument with mum while on holiday and I went to the games arcade by the pier in a foul mood. There were these penny slot machines; we call them one armed bandits ( a more apt term?). I played them and my mood willed them to win. I did. About 7 or 8 times in a row on about 2 machines.

My emotions are playing silly buggers just now. .Just yesterday I saw the shop ghost. She is notoriously reclusive, conspicuously invisible, and only revealks herself to certain people. I haven't seen her. Perhaps once in Feb, fleetingly as she disappeared in the mirror. But yesterday,I was in the backshop and I turned, well, as you do, and there she was in the doorway and vanishing. She was greyish white but there was the shape of a dress and something red, a skirt or apron or dress. She may have had a headscarf or hood and long curly hair. But I remember the red. There is nothing red where she was. Or green, either ( negative image retina retention ).

Tonight I was in a certain pub, tagged as the most haunted pub, sort of ethereal standing room only. I was txting in the poolroom when there was a loud thumping from the wall, a couple of bangs. But the wall is solid and is the support for a bridge. A few mins later in the gents, there was a hissing voice like the perfume sprayer was talking. I'm told this sort of thing is common in the pub. Staff will occassionally see objects, bottles, tables, even toast in one occassion move on the CCTV screens, and have encountered stuff too.
Pa1nsMcmurdo Pa1nsMcmurdo
41-45, M
Sep 17, 2012