Ghost Nanny

Over my life I've heard of a few people with similar experiences, and I'd love to know how common this really is. I only have my Mother's word for this, but she's a christian woman and has always been extremely cynical about these things.

When I was born my Mother lived alone with me in a flat next to a graveyard, and after a few days she noticed strange things happening. Once my Grandparents were visiting, and I apparently dropped my bottle on the floor. No one left the room, and no one could find it on the floor. Later it turned up in the sterilizing liquid in the kitchen, only not rinsed. As though someone inexperienced had been trying to help.
It started with little things. Once she left the laundry all over the floor before taking me on a walk; and when she returned found it stacked up neatly on her bed.
Apparently she would also see little blue twinkling lights above me when I slept sometimes.

The strangest and most extraordinary thing that ever happened was one night she was looking after my Grandma's German Shepard, I was asleep in her bed and she was reading.

Shadow (the dog) started whimpering and making very strange noises. Mum says she looked up from her bed and saw a Native American man sat on the end of the bed, watching us both. She told him to leave repeatedly, and he kept shaking his head. She shut her eyes and kept saying "Go, just go," and when she opened her eyes whatever it was, was gone.

I've had many paranormal experiences but never anything as clear or vivid as that, and I know my Mother well enough to know she wouldn't exaggerate that, and I'm the only person she's ever told.

The first part of her recount sounds to me like fairies or something similar, but the Native American spirit puzzles me. Has anyone ever seen or heard of anything like it before?
In honesty I still wake up to little twinkling blue lights above me sometimes, and they give off a very positive feeling.
PreRaphaeliteEyes PreRaphaeliteEyes
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Nov 26, 2012