Feeling A Strong Sense Of My Own Presence.

One of the most puzzling thing's that has happened to me in terms of the supernatural (though definitely not the scariest or the most shocking) is feeling a sense of myself in a room suddenly.
The earliest example of this was when I was about 15, I was asleep in the middle of the night when something woke me up. I didn't open my eyes at first, but I felt the strongest sensation of someone standing over me. But it felt like me... It's almost impossible to describe. The same familiar smell, feeling, everything. I just knew that I, myself, was standing over me. I have dim memories of seeing myself standing there but I could have fallen back to sleep and taken the situation into my dreams.
Only a few weeks ago I was watching TV with my Mum when a pile of paperwork fell off the television and floated to the ground without any wind at all. I felt the air rush past me like when someone walks close to you.
Mum just said "That was strange."
And suddenly I said mentally to myself "It was only me."
I had that strange, inexplicable knowledge again that I was there and I was trying to tap me on the shoulder to pay attention to something.
I'm trying to think of possible explanations, I do believe that time is a rule that only applies to the living. Could it actually be my own spirit?
There are also certain spells and rituals that are said to make a very dim, spirit version of yourself split off from your entire consciousness for a while. Often used to console a far away lover or to visit people in dreams. Maybe I did that once and I have some strange, renegade part of my soul following me around.
What do you think readers? Have you ever heard of anything like this?
PreRaphaeliteEyes PreRaphaeliteEyes
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012