I have known about spirits since I was little. I can sense their presence better than most people. I know when they are there and where they are at. One of the first houses my family lived in when I was younger was haunted. There were train tracks that ran behind the backyard. Years earlier there had been a violent train accidnet killing passengers. These people were in houses all along the street. There was a park across the street and at night you would see them there on the playset.
I knew then. I was afraid of them. As I've gotten older I have gotten used to them being around me. Everywhere I go they are there. I sometimes go with people when they are looking to move to check the house for mean spirits.
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Why did you respond. I am no longer afraid of that which I cannot see. Your comment is such bullsht. Prepare to be blocked. You keep your beliefs and opinions. I don't want to hear it. Btw, I am not going on explainable things like noises, cold drafts, and the like. And I don't believe in your religion sht. Thanks for nothing.

Your response seemed rude to me too. It's one thing to inquire about someones experience from a place of doubt..... but you basically said she's delusional and then asked if any normal person isn't going to take that as attack. If you are really interested, perhaps you should rethink your way of conversing with people.