The Shadow Girl

well guess you guys are lucky becoz iv been making a story and have plans of publishing it. this is gunna be the sneak peek blurb thingy at the back of the book, so hopes u guys like it....

This is a tale about a young girl who finds herself looking for who she really is and the secret history of her ancestors. Her friend turns against her and wishes to destroy her for something that was destined to happen, but some have stuck by her side since the beginning of the end and most have hidden secrets of their own. But there is also another enemy that has clung to her since the beginning…. She knows he exists but he does not wish to act too soon…..
She knows he’s there….
He follows her like her very shadow…
But how long will it be until he gets bored of her…?

yeah well. iv nearly finished it and stuff... so yeah, it called the shadow girl and stuff and heres another sneak peek. she's of God and Lucifer.... left u hanging ayye?
well laterz peoples
WolfPrincess123 WolfPrincess123
13-15, F
Nov 29, 2012