Ghost Or Demon???

hey, well this is sorta new for me but i cant take it anymore! i usually dont share stuff like this but i need someone to understand!
honestly, i think theres an attached ghost in my closet. He, follows me everywhere! i can see him when i sleep and he throws things around and he hurts other people but he wont hurt me. i dnt know what to do. i try to ignore it or tell him to leave and my friend has the same problem. sometimes, i think that he's not even a ghost... maybe a demon? i dnt know and i dont think so but im open minded. i feel his presence strongly and i cant do this anymore! plz sum1 help! and i cant tell my parents becoz thats wen it usually gets worse.
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... so maybe you have some type of protector, and if he does not hurt you, why be afraid? maybe he just throws things at other people who he sees as a threat who would hurt you, if he throws things at other people know that he is telling you that those people are NOT GOOD for you, and they will hurt you! so be calm, you have someone looking out for you from the other side that's all.

well... i guess. thank you ! i realize now that you may be right ! thank you so much for your help! and come to think of it, my ex boyfriend did hurt me....

...she likes to write fiction inspire others in some sick way like those pretending to be angels hahaha

people pretend to be angels???
and this is real. u obviously havent come across one b4. lucky you... I have, and that is how I CAN SPOT THE FRAUDS....since knowing the real thing, can make you see the difference.

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