Toys In The Attic.

Let me start by saying a little about myself. I am a normal, run-of the mill, skeptical person. I believe there are things we don’t know about but until this event I hadn’t previously experienced anything that led me to believe in the supernatural.

The story starts one winter with a phone call from some close friends of mine. They had finally got the house they were after. It comprised of two cottages that had been knocked through to make one larger house. Moreover, It was located in the beautiful Cotswold area of England. They were understandably delighted as they had been looking for such a house for a few years.
That following summer I had arranged to go down and see them in their new home and set off with great anticipation.

The satnav took me to a picturesque cottage nestled in the cotswold hills. I stepped out the car to be greeted by my friends. We chatted and I handed over the bottle of bubbly as we went inside. It was an old house, with original flagstones on the floor. Parts of it dated back to the sixteenth century, moreover the oak beams in the cottage had most likely been taken from a ship so parts of it probably predated the European discovery of the Americas.
Sometimes you get a funny feeling from house, you walk in and it doesn’t feel right. Well this, for me was one of those houses. I put it down to the low beams in the house and the fact it was old house.

It was a beautiful day and we went out for a walk returning for a barbeque in the garden. We retired indoors when the air was chill and sat around talking and laughing. I had a couple of beers with my food and then a whisky or two but I was far from drunk as I went to bed.

The room I was staying in was built up in the loft. There was a an old narrow staircase spiraling round to the room. I settled down as best I could. The atmosphere was oppressive. I have never felt anything like it before and I have slept in a few strange places!
There was a kind of darkness, a cool, a tension. I can’t really explain it. I just knew I did not like sleeping here. After a eternity of tossing and turning I must have dozed off.

I heard something through my sleep. It sounded like a scraping. I woke myself up and looked at my phone. It was 3.24 am. Old houses make noises, I tried to settle down but I felt something. A kind of weight on the bed. My eye peered into to the dark. There was nothing there.

Suddenly I woke up with my heart pounding. I heard a childs voice. I could not make out what they were saying, the language and accent was unfamiliar. I put the bedside lamp on and looked around the room. There was no radio, my phone was ok and when I listened down the stairs there was nothing coming from below.

I went back to bed feeling very uneasy. I shut my eyes and tried to sleep. Suddenly I felt something brush against my arm. I opened my eyes and saw a figure of a girl running down stairs. She was dressed in old clothes, very old, it look like something from the MIddle ages.
I was sweating and quite frankly terrified. I rationalised it that it was a dream. Sleep paralysis anything. The rest of the night passed by uneventfully. It was summer and the dawn arrived early. The light of day made it seem safer so I could rest.

At breakfast I was tired. I said nothing about my adventures and made excuses as to my poor sleep. Later that day I thanked them for their hospitality and left.

We met a few times but I never stopped over. I never told them anything of my adventure.

Then, one day out the blue my friend phoned. He told me they were opening up the loft space in the house to put another bedroom in and the workmen found a wooden doll that had hidden in a cavity under the roof beams. It was very old possibly hundreds of years old and a remnant from the early days of the house!

I almost dropped the phone. They suggested it belong to a girl who died and the parents hid the doll away. I cold shiver ran down my spine as I remembered that night.

Recently my friend has phoned and specifically asked if noticed anything strange in that room when I stayed over, as a couple of other friends who had slept in it had.. and he laughed.. ‘thought it was haunted’
I told him my story. There was silence on the other end of the line.
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My goodness. I don't know if I would have been able to last the entire night in that room if it had been me. Thank goodness dawn arrived early for you.

Oh what a spooky story! A few years ago I stayed in the Cotswolds too. We were in a cottage also, it was a very old house dating years back and the area was beautiful. My mum had my suitcase in her bedroom, so each day I had to go in there to get my things. I began to dread it each morning. It had one of those grand old fashioned beds with four tall posts around it. There was a kind of atmosphere when you walked in, something I couldn't explain but it really unnerved me. It was like eyes watching you. I kept looking at the bed while I was desperately rummaging for whatever it was I needed. I would hurry away even though nothing was there.

Thanks for sharing, I wish more people would share theirs, so people would stop laughing at those stories. Those spirits continue to exists in our world because they are scared to cross over or attached to something or controled by another spirit. Normally a spirit of a child is harmless unless a demon posing as a child. If you have a story to back up the child spirit, I wouldn't worry about it.

It would be nice have a psychic walk through the house and make sure there is nothing dark. Careful though, Any kind of paranormal investigation might increase the activity.

Ooo, this was good! I would have left a human shaped hole in the wall if I'd seen what you did. I know some very sane, credible people who have had similar experiences; there is a lot we do not understand, I believe.

Thanks for sharing this; I am off to incinerate all old dolls....

I had a experience I thought it was quite big but hearing this I got so scard

What happened to you friend?!?!?!

I've lived in some old apartments where there were similar things. Come to find out there had been some children that were murdered there. The children would tap on the windows and leave little finger marks. That was one of many things that would happen there. This has got me thinking that I should write my own little story in here.

Great story by the way. Nobody really understands such a thing as being real and not imagination unless they have experienced it first hand.

I admit, I was not really skeptic, because I had a lot of experiences growing up, Though, my experiences at those apartments were the most powerful yet.

I will a little later :)

This totally sent a shiver right up my back...I've never had any sort of supernatural experience...*we thought there was something weird at my brothers house for a little while but it ended up being an issue with old plumbing...* But I have talked to a few very credible folks and they've had unexplained things happen around them too so I do think that their might be a lot more to it all then most of us can even imagine.... Spooky stuff...

I would have totally ran downstairs if something brushed my arm and then I saw somebody...You were way braver then I would have been in a situation like that!!

Wow, what an experience! Makes sense though and now you know you weren't the only one who had a visit while visiting!