My Mother´s Daughter

Many years ago, I suffered the agony of losing a baby boy to sudden infant death syndrome. I had three other children, 4,2, 15 months and the baby 4 months old. who sadly died during the night. I carried the grief, as one can imagine, for many years, but having growing children, a Husband in a demanding job and myself, studying at Teachers´Training College., I put it behind me. One has to go on with life after all. 15 years later, I went to sleep and as always said my nightly prayers, with not a thought in my mind except my love for my family and making sure that my college essays and projects were ready for the next term

I awoke (I thought) because there was a sudden light in my bedroom, I sleepily thought that maybe one of the children, Now in their early teens had woken, but sitting up, there was no one there. Suddenly, the light grew brighter and standing there, in my bedroom, was a young pretty girl, holding my baby in her arms. Alarmed, I asked her"who are you", with a loving smile and proferring my infant towards me, she replied "I am your sister, and I have brought your baby to you, so that you can hold him and know that he is loved and is safe". I took my little boy in my arms and felt him warm and real. My heart was full of love and joy, but.....I had grave doubts. I must be asleep, I must be having a strange dream, I have no Sister, have never had a sister, but she stood there before me radiating warmth and love and my little baby reached up his pudgy fists and touched my face. I felt it warm and real, and contentedly, I lay back down with him and slept.

The "dream"remained with me for some time, until one day I plucked up the courage to tell my beloved Mam what had happened. Her eyes filled with tears, and for the first time, she then told me that she had lost a baby when she was five months pregnant, during the second world war but had never known what the baby was, whether a boy or a girl. We both felt, that the child she had lost had brought the babe that I had lost, to me, to let us know, that they were in Spirit and loved and looked after each other. it brought us both comfort and belief.
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Awesome experience. So many wonderful things can happen in the spirit world.

That is truely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.