Don't Know How To Explain This

This happened to me when I was a child and old enough to remember and recently as of last year in the summer. What happened was when I was a kid I was sleeping when I heard something under my bed. I found it was one of my toys a barking dog going off all by itself. The only way you can turn it on is by a little switch on it's side. Apparently it didn't bother me that much back then until last year. It was a moderate thunder and lighting storm but it seemed to last longer in my area which I found odd. I was watching tv in my room when a heard thunder and a pop from outside. Seconds later I felt this heaviness enter my room and it felt like a thick blanket was covering me, at that moment I heard a noise coming from my closet, and it was my whack a mole game which turned on by itself. I grabbed the thing and it turned off by itself in my hands. Needless to say I left it out in the living room. Yes I was a bit freaked out since this was the second time something like this has happened to me. The only thing I can think of is lighting stuck the fence outside my house and sent some kind of energy wave into the bedroom?? But it didn't do anything to my tv but turned on a game which was in a closet. Even now it still doesn't make any sense. I also forgot to mention I have an uncanny problem turning on lights and the bulb blows out. Anybody have any thoughts about this?
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There are many theories on how things move or turn on when a person doesn't touch them, I may have some answers for that. As for lights being a problem, turning them on and the bulb goes out. Have you ever looked up indigo children? Many indigos indigos have problems with lights intill they understand what they are doing.

No I have never looked up indigo children as well as heard of them. I guess it's time to use Google.

Ya lol, google will give you a description of what we can do, how we feel and how we act. But it does not have a description of what we are and many people argue about it. I believe we are people that are connected to our spirit/soul. That is how we get our abilities or gifts.

Lightning hit my family's house back when I was in 5th grade and it was kind of like that. A wierd tingling sensation came over me and I could smell ozone the moment before the loudest bang I've ever heard. It was definitely a strange experience. All of our lights flickered and the tv went to static. Then our house burned down.... true story. Good thing for insurance!