Paranormally Sensitive

I'd like to share my first experiences with the paranormal that occurred when i was 9. It was not long after I was back in my mother's care and sometime around when I was going through a personal exp with a family member I just shared. I was more aware of my surroundings then I ever had been after the traumas I went through being in the foster care system.
I was to lock up the bsmt suite I shared with my mother and my sister who was four yrs older, she was 13 and was heading out for the night with her bf and some other friends. She told me to lock up behind her. It was getting pretty late.
We lived in this bsmt suite in an old black house below my aunt and her two sons, my mother was sound asleep down the narrow hall I dreaded which had no light and was dark. I knew windows were opened and I had to manage to make my way around to close and lock up. I started from my room towards the front door which was directly across from me, locked that up, besides the front door, i made my way to my sisters room next to it, locked the window and shut her door. I made my way into my mothers room to make sure that her room was locked up tight, then to the kitchen, to the bathroom and then made my way down the creepy hallway to the living room to cover my mother up with a blanket and locking up any windows there. On my way back I turned out all the lights besides the bathroom one I left on so I could see where I was going. I made my way back into my own room and closed the door behind me and I never had a problem shutting off the lights and sleeping without them until this one particular night. I knew the orangey street lights from outside came in just enough to see around my room. I finally went to lay down and cover up, when i did, i noticed the door started to creep open slowly, thinking it was my mom, I asked her? No reply which to me was strange because she always responded back no matter what. I grew a bit afraid wondering who it was or could be and didnt hear the front door open or noise from anyone breaking in. It couldnt have been anyone breaking in. There was a shadow standing between the door frame and the opening of the door. It was quite tall. I saw no feet or shoes, I only seen darkness. A  dark shadow with a pointy hat. I asked who it was, there was no response. I heard groaning as it walked towards my bed, I crouched under holding my blankets tight above my head and felt it breathing next to me! i was so scared. Suddenly it  shuffled and hovered right above my bed, I gained some strength and asked for it to leave me alone and pulled my covers away from my face so I could breathe, I immediatly left. I was so frightened and ran with a blanket to sleep next to my mom who was still in a deep sleep snoring away, I have chills just thinking of this. I knew it wasn't anyone from my aunts place since they were gone away that weekend camping and when I ran I saw no doors opened from any of the rooms so nobody came into the suite. Besides the front door still had the chain on it. the shadow figure was dark and had a dark hat and stood tall. I recenly heard about shadow people or ghosts of this description. Has anyone else seen them? Ive wondered why at such a young age why it chosen to bother me. creeps me out.since then ive noticed i have been more senstive to the paranormal.
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Those are demons. Did u not see a face? I remember I was on my bed with my puppy, I remember I closed my eyes for a couple seconds and I had my hand on her. I opened my eyes because i noticed my dog was moving aroun alot, and saw this figure kneeling over my bed, my instincts kicked in and I started baring my teeth and growled at it- it faded away quickly. It was also a shadow, I usually see their outlines and sense their presence, but I didn't notice that one at all. He still bugs me and threw my phone from out of my pocket as his form of payback-_-

Woa, I know it still gives me the creep's just thinking about it, as the year's went by I have had many other paranormal experiences occur. I believe due to this, it's made me very sensiitve to them. When I live or am anywhere near a place that has activity around, I immediatley pick up their presence like radar. i can see halogram type figures and sudden flashes. I have picked up many orbs thru my 2 digital cameras, but suddenly both of them went missing since I've kept the pictures saved in the cameras. I wished that I never lost them due to some pictures that had family photos i wanted to develop stored in them.

I have now lived in four seperate residences that have been carrying active hauntings and paranormal occurances one after another the past few years, it seems like they are drawn to me somehow or find me either amuzing or just someone to seek my attention sometimes. It has been noticed by other people i have had stay over nights, voices have been clearly heard & caught by me and other parties that experienced strange things through their stays with me, im just concerned bc i have children that reside with me, maybe its a gift I carry from a deceased family member in the past or in family roots? I dont know, but its very interesting. To me, I accept them as just people, bc I see it as one day we will turn out to be the after life as well.

I know what u mean by the radar. And sometimes the vibes are just too heavy to bear. And really orbs? Demoms usually try to hide from me its actually pretty funny xD well I know the really strong ones take things from people. I had a friend and they took her cat, she never saw her again, but that's what happens when u open the door for them, in her case she used a ouija board. And oh... yeah you have demons when they bother your guest, but some children spirits like to run about too. Also about your kids, there's simple and effective shields for protection. If u or your children ever feel a negative presence, just imagine a white light sourrounding your entire body. Picture it growing bright and taking over any darkness, this a very effective shield. Cleansing your house helps out as well. Carrying amethyst is another way. And are you religious? Make sure you guys respect these spirits because respect is very important.

Oh! So you've pretty much had a near death experience? That makes sense! They usually heighten one's paranormal senses. And how sad, why would he kill himself though? What was wrong? Are you religious though? Its because faith helps keep darkness away.

Poor guy! Dx and...the...magic circle.. I believe it was that circle that opened the door. Especially the candles, this is considered witchcraft. I'm sure it released a demon into your home, who knows? It could probable still be following u, it isn't unheard of. LOL how could your friend be atheist yet know magic? Its like saying I'm a satanist! And I'm the complete opposite xD I recommend that you cleanse your house with sage, you don't need a priest actually. It would also be better to grow your faith, teach your children to not get into wicca and to respect the unknown, this will keeo them safe

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