Dragon Reincarnation

I am a dragon. I wonder if any one of you will believe me. Most of you think me crazy but I know what I am. My soul has been reincarnated many times as it takes thousands of lifetimes for my soul to grow too old. I have known that I was a dragon since I was ten, I am a water dragon. It is rare for a dragon to be reincarnated as a human: it means very few things. 1. The dragon is receiving punishment for a severe crime she/he has committed. 2. The dragon wishes to be human. And a few others. I have a few abilities that being a dragon has given my human self. I can see spirits and talk to them, I can heal myself quickly and others, I can send my energy outward to protect myself and mine, i can see auras, see my future in dreams, and among other things. For years I have been working with my abilities, self-tutoring myself. Only recently I have found a teacher who teaches me more of what there is to know. He is a great seer and his soul is a wolf, I am happy to have someone teach me but the process has been very slow because he has been hurt by others and does not wish to divulge much information about himself. I am aware that the way I have been teaching myself is very harmful now but as I can't meet up with my teacher at least once every two weeks because of certain circumstances it makes the process of learning unbearable. Is anyone knowledgable about the paranormal arts? I wish to know more.
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I was a dragon too, my profile picture is what I looked like well at least as much as my memory allows me. I think I was forced to reincarnate as a human as punishment for running away from my mentor as he faced a wine purple dragon. (I posted about this memory/dream) Like someone else commented I think my memories are blocked as part of my punishment.

I am also a dragon. I am actually a fire dragon.

I believe I was a dragon too I am just learning about my powers. I think I'm a healer and have healing power but find it sometimes difficult to focus and don't know how to unblock and really tap I to this power

I... haven't done research on these things for a while. I know I am a dragon, being punished or forced in some way to incarnate. I wonder if this is why my memories and such have been such a struggle to recover.

I completely believe you, and my soul recognizes yours, nice to meet you again,

I was a blue dragon

I recently discovered that i am a golden dragon

Is there some site where I can see what reincarnated soul I have if I have one? And is there a site where I can learn more about this? Thanks

Ok. So I thought I was crazy... This helped me a lot. Love to talk sometime. Thank you for posting this

A dragon I have encountered several non incarnated dragons before. They are interesting and fascinating.

Dragons? By my terms they're called, Draconians or Reptoids. Most have lived on Earth for eras and others from Alpha Draconis or Orion. My soul/ reincarnated form is from Orion and the abilities you have described made me the conclusion your "Dragons" and our "connection" is that with them. You can PM. But I do want to ask what color?