3am Footsteps

First of all...I want to say that this sort of thing has happened to me before...okay, anyways....
It was a school night, 3am, and I couldn't sleep. I had tossed and turned for hours. I kept telling myself "just one more youtube video! Just one more chapter!" Suddenly I felt a familiar sensation, like I was being watched, but not in a scary, creepy way. I felt as if I was being guarded, protected. I cleared my dry throat and whispered into the dark shadows. "Hi. Don't worry, i'm not scared.I won't hurt you, resist you. I just want sleep. I want to close my eyes, for just five seconds, and be fast asleep. I want to wake up in the morning feeling well rested" I felt tingles on my scalp, and then I heard heavy footsteps next to my bed. I shivered, and closed my eyes, but then I had to look. There was noting there, but the thundering footsteps were right by my head. I rolled over and closed my eyes. I was asleep within seconds. That morning, I woke up, happy and well rested.
whispersofthepast whispersofthepast
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012