Our Guardian

I have already posted a story about this wonderful entity that shares my life. How my families life was saved. How it insists on making its presence known. It's funny how I considered this remarkable presence as my own.

Well, apparently, I was wrong.
Because an extremely amazing event happened Monday, January 7 2013. 7:00 pm. I know the exact time, due to the National Championship football game was only 30 minutes from starting.
My youngest daughter called me and said "I cut my hand on a glass".
I, being all set to watch the game, said "and".
She said " I don't have a bandage, and I have the 3 year old over, that's my eldest daughters baby, and don't want to drag them out in the cold".
I said "how in the world did you cut your hand?"
She said she was washing the new tea glasses that she had just bought, and one just busted.
Me being grumpy and frustrated, rummaged around, and found a box of ScoobyDoo band aids, and told her I was on my way.
Friends, when I got there, and my grandson opened the door, shear terror came over me. Their house was filled with natural gas! Again, natural gas!
I grabbed the two children and screamed at my daughter to get out!
Luckily, the feed line to the home had a main shutoff valve, which i closed,and the problem was found by the gas company and corrected.
But do you see what I'm getting to here? Why did a brand new glass break? Why is it that she could not find a band aid and called me?
If she would have found one, she would have simply put one on, and three of the most cherished things in my life, would simply have gone to sleep forever!
It was my, no, our Guardian!
This amazing entity intervened, put events in motion, and saved my family!
By the way, exactly 1 hour after the gas company cleared her house for re-entry, on top of her refrigerator, was her brand new box of bandaids that she could not find! Right there, in plain sight!
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Hi Candice. That's an amazing story. I don't believe in life after death but I have had two experiences that I cant explain.
Mind you, the Irish are very superstitious.We used to believe in Leprachauns till we discovered that they came from Hollywood! Aha, Would I be after lyin` to you now?
Pat x

I do not know about life after death. But I do strongly believe that the massive amount of energy that poseses the human body just does not go away. I can not explain the events or the entity that shares my families lives, nor do I want to. I just feel blessed that this wonderful being is watching over us!
Thank you for reading my story!!!

yes ! God works in mysterious ways . my cousins cats for two days went bannanas .
would not sleep in one room of the house . she said that the day this happened both cats came up to her and what she said kissed her as if saying good by . she was late getting home . which saved her life . the cats parished that day .the house burned . electrical fire in the wall . we were able to rebuild most of the 175 year old house .she is back in . that is whear i heard mom . thanks again for being a friend .
take care . :-)

Big giant hugggggggs!!!!!

I've got a ghost in my house but this one is playful and makes herself known when she wants to be impish. Kind of fun.

Never thought of mine in male or female form.
But either would be wonderful!
Just a wonderful welcome part of my existence!
Thank you for reading my story!!!

I'm very happy things turned out well for you and your family. We are all connected and we are never alone. Namaste

Thank you so much for reading my story!
How true! What a beautiful entity my friend is!