Did Someone Dose Me?????

It was a normal day. Not a normal night though. I decided to go sit in the hot tub and relax for awhile. I hop in my car and drive the short distance to the pool area. Then I see a flash of a person. Ghost. Then another. I turn my head and there's another. Then I see Jesus in the shadows of a palm tree. I sit and just stare, in marvel and disbelief of what's happening. I start walking towards the pool area. I hear music. It draws me toward it. It gets louder as I walk around the pool. It takes me to the door of the hot tub room. I stop at the door and the music stops. I'm starting to freak out now. I open the door and go into the hot tub. As soon as I sit down in the water, it's starts raining from the ceiling just on me. The rain stops a few minutes later. I see a another ghost. I'm not scared though. They are walking towards me but as soon as I see them, flash, then they're gone. I decide it's time to go home. I walk out to my car. I look up in the sky. There's one big cloud above me. It's shaped just like a crown. The shadows of Jesus have turned towards the crown. I can't believe what I'm seeing. I get back in the car and drive the short distance back home. My girlfriend is on the porch having a cigarette along with a friend. As I get closer I see her mom standing right behind her. Her mom passed away about a year ago. I just smile at my girlfriend and go in the house. Something catches my eye. It's a sphere about the size of a basketball that looks something like a clear, see-thru jellyfish. It's just there. I go right up to it. I kneel down. I'm just staring at this thing that I don't what it is. Am I tripping? Did somebody dose me with LSD? Strange night to say the least.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Usually an LSD trip would have more beginning 'alerts', as in a body buzz and change in thought processes. I have a lot of experience in the area, and usually LSD produces visual distortions rather than full on hallucinations to the extent of the ones you are describing. That seems to only happen from fairly high doses of LSD, or a better fit for those drug effects would be a deliriant such as datura, atropine or large doses of diphenhydramine. I'm guessing thst you didn't get dosed with LSD, but maybe something else like a deliriant. You could also just be experiencing what they call a 'spiritual emergency' or opening. I hope that by now, this has subsided and that you've been able to make sense of it somewhat, at least.

Never doubt you have seen a sign from heaven. You will probably have more psychic experiences in the near future. Take careful notes of what you see.