A Demon Maybe ?

It was a weird lonely night and the house was empty ,our house is three floors hight its a victorian style house big and empty and scary at night . I was going from the first floor to the third , at the second floor like in front of it there is a hallway with the elevator at the end of it . that hallway is always dark and freaky the elevators door or thing what ever has at mirror on it and at the corner i saw something black just like a black shadow and it was moving so i ran up the stairs quickly . i saw it again the next day .
darthvaderiscool darthvaderiscool
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

First, don't be scared. This sounds like a shadow person....which means it's just energy in a human form. They typically dart around and often you'll catch them out of the corner of your eye. I haven't experienced a shadow person that was harmful. Stand up to it and tell it to leave you and your family alone. If it doesn't, or if activity increases in the home, let us know.

lol seriously , what the hell , don't worry I am not scared any more I still see a lot of that crap though .

thanks anyway