I Dont Belive In Ghosts Only Demons And Angels

I have been huanted a few times, and I think I acually got a look at it once. A dark shadow will visit me once and a while I panic I can tell it comes here to take me. Maybe it is PTSD from Iraq twice. what if its not. I think death, in spirt form comes to my house on porpuse to scare the f*** out of me.
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Thats a strange thing to be able to sense. Are you sure it isn't your own paranoia? True, demons like to dwell in dark places. However, it could be possible that the more positive things you maintain and the less worries you entertain, you may see a decrease in a "feeling of something bad coming in", or gloom and doom. However, maybe a change in geography/environment will help. Thanks for the story, I like it!

I have been followed by something dark and evil since I was nine years old,it almost always shows up and stands outside a window,it mainly haunts my dreams,it's male and it has a face i see it but I cannot begin to describe it,does that sound familiar

You need protection. I too know of what you saw. Pray in the name of Jesus. If you can pray in all sincerity, he will protect you too.