I Had a Dear Friend That Was S...

I had a dear friend that was shot and killed when my daughter was 2! Almost a year later my brother and I was fixing my radio when she came in the living room telling us about Micheal in here play room. We didn't know any one named Micheal that I could think of. Then we kinda looked at each other and I told him to get my picture of Micheal. She looked at it and said yea him Micheal. It was then I realized he was here to watch over her! I know we have many loved ones up there watching over us !
southernblueeyedgirl southernblueeyedgirl
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1 Response Jun 5, 2007

That's absolutely WONDERFUL!! I have heard it said before, that children are more in tune and accepting of these visions, as they have yet to grow to be cycnical. What a WONDERFUL realization. Bless Michael for watching over him and all you guys!!