I Come From Generations of Psychics (?)

Ever since I was young, I thought I would see things. It was usually something that others couldnt. When I was twelve, I would often see a little girl at my parents house. She only came out in the evening and she was very shy. But also very mischevious. When I was up after nine oclock one night, I could see her peering at me from the kitchen. We stared at each other for a good ten seconds and then she ran. I remember it so clearly because she was wearing a red dress. That was the first time I saw her.

A few weeks after my first encounter with her, I was lying on the couch with my hair over the side. I could feel something pulling my hair. It wasnt hard but it was enough to make me look but nothing was there. So I ignored it. But, a few moments later, it happened again. I looked and again, there was nothing. But my dad was looking at my weird. He asked me if I saw what he did. And then told me that there was a little girl that just walked through his bedroom door. She was wearing a red dress.

So that was weird that my dad could see it to. My brother thought that I was lying. Which was typical of him. He was sitting near me and didnt see a thing.

But that wasnt the only "apparation" i saw. There was also an old woman who would wake me up if I was late. About seven times I have been woken up her. The weird thing is, she wouldnt be far away from me. In fact, she was so close to my face when I would wake up, our noses could have touched. And everytime, she would do this, I would scream and cover my head. And then she would be gone.

House sitting at my grandmas was always a treat. Shades would snap open in the middle of the night. A tv was thrown off a dresser and the dresser was also tipped over. Things would walk around the upstairs. Lights would turn off and on. And tvs would change channels. (She lives in the woods, there isnt any house near to cause the channel to change) 

I told my grandma about it and she told me that it's normal. She has been able to see ghosts since she was little too. And she knew that my dad did too.

How weird is that? 

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Your story reminds me of a story my middle school orchestra teacher would tell every year.<br />
Basically while visiting relatives, he payed with a girl about his age, and the next day he couldn't find her. While looking through some old family albums, he saw her plain as day in one of the pictures. She had apparently been deceased for quite a while.<br />
Anyway, id hate to grow up seeing things like that. I can barely sleep with the light off as it is now.