I Have Paranormal Experiences

I seem to have some sort of sensitivity to paranormal activity.  I've had it for years but didn't really notice until my late teens.  I am highly intuitive and can easily sense people emotions. 

My first major experience was when I was 20 years old living with my ex boyfriend.  I was very upset because I had just found out he was cheating on me.  I was alone at our home and very upset.  I just kept crying and then as I opened my eyes I saw a glowing figure, not well defined, kind of fuzzy move towards me and as I started to focus I can make out the image to be that of my grandfather.  In an instant, I was petrified.  I covered my face with a blanket and when I finally got the courage to pull the blanket off my face, he was gone.  My grandfather died when I was 4 years old and I don't remember much of him as a small child.  I had to mention to my mom and I described what he was wearing; plaid pajama pants and a light blue robe. My mom freaked out and said don't ever tell me about that again and she said my grandfather always wore plaid pajamas and a blue robe.  It's not like I was asking him to appear at that moment.  It just happened.  That was 14 years ago. 

Since then, I've heard my name yelled in my ear.  But when I ask others if they heard that, they say no. Like a yell inside my ear.  I'm not crazy.  It even happened to me while visiting New Orleans.  I looked to my left as it was yelled in my left ear and all I saw was the inside of a empty souvenir shop. 

A couple of years ago, shortly after my grandmother passed away.  My mom said she was looking out her bay window when she saw my grandmother walking behind her in the reflection of the window.  My grandmother was using her walker as she did when she was alive.  When my mother turned around, she wasn't there.  My mom couldn't believe what she saw.  Perhaps a residual? 

I have a one year old daughter.  While I was pregnant with her, I routinely would wake up at 3 am on the dot.  Coincidentally, my father passed away from cancer a few months before I became pregnant.  Literally, I would wake up from a dead sleep at 3 am for months.  It was very frustrating.  I would see anything or hear anything.  Except for one time.  I saw my bed and bedspread dip as if someone was putting weight on it but no one was there.  Then I felt as though someone put their hand on my leg.  I could feel the blanket and the pressure against my leg.  Like a hand wrapped around my shin. 

My daughter has lots of toys that on occassion may start lighting up or making noise on their own.  I tend to dismiss it except for one time.  She has a leap frog piano/instrument bench.  We were playing with it and then we walked away.  If you press a piano key, it plays a song.  After we walked away, it played a piano key song.  I said, "if someone is here, can you do that again."  And instantly it went off again.  then I said out loud, "oh just a coincidence", and then it just kept playing the key over and over at least 12 times.  The same song over and over.  I was shocked and scared.  It hasn't gone off on it's own since. 

The other night, I was on my computer surfing the web and next thing you know my office got frigid cold.  suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stood up - at least that's what it felt like and the chill wrapped around my right shoulder and right arm.  I just said it was my drafty office, but I never get the chill sensation on my neck and arms. 

My sister doesn't believe in ghosts.  She's very adamant about it.  I suppose I understand if you have never had any personal experiences.  (or perhaps she's trying to supress) Not sure that I did before it became more concrete.  I've come to conclude that its family and my guardian angels visiting.  I've been just scared to deal with it.  I'm always afraid of opening myself up in fear of attaracting any type of evil spirits.  And I hear I shouldn't be scared because evil spirits can feed on that.  I'm doing my best to come to terms with my continuing experiences. 

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Very interesting, I'm guessing since your mom saw something, she probably has abilities such as yourself. Epathy is genetic, and I got it from my mother, even though it freaks us both out (HAHA). Anyway, your experiences are very interesting, you're abilities are probably far more developed than your mothers though (Your mother doesn't seem very accepting of it... just by what I read) and your probably, just frightened, but you seem to have accepted it. You seem to be Clauraudient (Hear things from the other side), and you could have clairvoyant abilities, although they seem to be on and off (Due to your possible fear of seeing things).

Hello, Your story stuck me as very similar to be the first part where you said that you can sense peoples emotions, I can do this, sometimes I will walk into a room and know exactly at that moment what everyone is feeling. I tend to take on these emotions too I will get randomly happy or sad at times. I can also sense certain things in objects different raw enmotions. For some reason though whenever I try to access this 'feeling' it feels like it is forbidden from me. Do you feel this way? Please let me know! I feel like I am going crazy!

lived my life this way and my parents didnt believe any of it until I was grown. My oldest daughter has the ability too

My whole life I have experienced things some similar to what has happened to you. when my grandparents died i felt it the moment they died even before i got the phone call and my grandma died when i was in germany. it always scared me but now i want to learn what i can do with this gift. there are a lot of sceptics out there but for those of us who are able to do this it is good to use for good. i always get a bad feeling right before something happens and i have even seen things before they happen but how do you tell someone that something is going to happen to them but you don't know when.

Great to see more people out there that are alike in these ways. Im like you in the sense that i can see ghosts. but with me i sometimes see ghosts, usualy its a corner of my eye thing. But with the feeling emotions, i also feel emotions of ghosts so thats where it gets really freaky. Ive learned to ignore those anxious feelings i get, if they are there for my safety or those i love, then communication is key. all this can fit under clairvoyance, mediumship and empathy. but all sortof intermingled into one.

Sometimes we forget how strong our mind is, our mind is very powerful. When I was younger, I can recall growing up with ghosts roaming throughout my house. Personally, I assumed this was a normal thing that people experience. You could hear the shower running, the cupboard doors in the kitchen banging. Sometimes I would see my dad spirit standing by the window. I learned that they are there for a reason. Sometimes it is as simple as being there to protect you or scaring us into not doing something wrong, such as making a mistake.

wow i have to say that is pretty amazing... i myself have just encountered some spirits and i know they are there and i no they are really if people tell you they arent that is because they are afraid to admit it and watever you do dont ever be afraid to speak to your family that is what keeps you safe. i was once afraid to and they feed off of it they would follow me to school and home and that is when i felt alone if you ever feel them there just yell out go away you are not welcomed here and say in the name of (what ever religion you believe in or not say the name of your god) i resent you to leave and to never come back and they have no choice they have to leave or tell them to walk to the light and they will go

I think that it's an amazing thing that you are connecting to your spirituality. So many of us are suppressed by different religious beliefs that we never get to know who and what we are. I do beleive we are spiritual beings in physical form... <br />
<br />
A few months ago a dark skinned (almost African looking) image appeared to me. We locked eyes and it felt as if I were looking at myself. IT was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I've been searching for answers as to who and what this is and what it means. Some one told me it was Orisha Oya, but I am not sure yet...My words to you, embrace yourself and trust YOU. IF you can trust someone else outside of your physical and spiritual self, why can't you trust your own judgement and feelings on the inside??<br />
<br />

Although I have never had my grandfather appear to me while awake, I have heard him walking around my grandmothers house, and felt him sitting on my bed. I even saw my great grandfather (who died long before I wad born) runnung through the desert alongside my car in broad daylight! Je wad running almosy as fast as my car! I recognized him from pictures...he was running out of the desert and into the town he lived and died in. I cant tell you how many nights I have heard someone say my name so loud it woke me up from a dead sleep, usually about 2 or 3 am. Life can be strange ehen you are a sensative!

Hello, I have read all your stories and they all have the same sort of events going on. I myself have had a fair share of paranormal experiances throughout my 15 years. All people who are either sensitive, empathetic or have extreme tallents are most likely to have paranormal experiances. from an early age I have been blessed with a talent for singing, dancing and playing instruments. As I grew up I have been talking to cats and dogs and to myself, giving advise that a 5 year old couldnt have even understood, Saying I have seen my grandfarther even though he died while my mother was in her twenties, complaining of noises from toys going off, and pains even though there was nothing to cause pain. I have had my name whispered to me, a close friend has had her dead mother sitting on the bottom of her bed telling her she'll take care of her farther a few weeks before his death. I think this situation happens often because at night you are closest to the plain of the non-existent but not completely in the plain to the point where you'd have dreams. Also during my early years I suffered a terrible fear of falling asleep because of my constant nightmares and strange dreams which now I realise have been warnings for future events. As I get older the time between when I have my dream and the actual events becomes more shorter and the dreams themselves become less frequent. I have always known what was to happen in some sense but now that my dreams come by less often it's kind of scary for me to go through life not being prepared for the next big thing. <br />
Anyways, I came on this webiste for a reason, just a moment ago I went outside shouting for my cat when I heard shouting, sounded a bit like singing. I stood in my wooly pijamas, nightgown and trainers listening to it while waiting for my cat to come. I tried to make the calls out but it sounded like it was coming from a radio wit bad signal apart form without the hissing background noise. this house I live in is very old and I wonder if what I heard was the spirits that died near here or in decade which this house was built. before I go I want you to know that my cat didnt return, I had a feeling that the cat also heard the noise and didnt come because t was scared. maybe its some sort of exuse or maybe my hunch is right. it is ay too late to go poking around to find a cat which is most likely hunting so I'll be off to bed.<br />
thanks for sort of helping me :)

people scoff when we experience things like this but i do beleive in the fact that we always cant explain events by science i come from a family where some of my older relatives who have passed away where not mediums or the likes but they senced when things where there my mum has it, im the youngest of three and have had premonitions like dejavue but where as people think oh ive seen that ive told my family things and a few days later its happened the most memorable recently was when micheal jackson died dont laugh but i told freinds and family months before he died that i had a dream that mj was dead ive had other things happen around me ive woke up in cold sweats with some one calling my name to things like i know when someones about to phone the most disturbing one was when i worked in the sheet metal ind, i had to deliver steel to a job and half way there i changed the route i was to take which really annoyed my gaffer in the truck with me it was like an upset tummy and a sore head and i just felt totally sick like a feeling of dred so i changed the route and took the longer way which added 45 mins to the travel time, any way we got to the job and when we where turning into the lane that leads to the job we seen the ambulance and police wizz past us at high speed. we dropped the steel off and the owner of the house being repaired turned up and told us that a young couple had been badly hurt in a crash and there car landed in a burn upside down on the road i would have taken . other little things have went on around my family too.<br />
<br />
when my older brother and sister where young the shared a room and my sister had a little toy washing machine that used to shake when on, well the thing went off three nights in a row and my dad took the batteries out of it and placed it back in the wardrobe and went to bed and guess what it started to rumble away again so my mum woke my dad who was really peeeed off so he went into the room opened the wardobe and the washing machine toy was still going hmmmm hmmmm hhmmmm so he turned it around and the battery tray was empty at that point my dad said the tempature in the room dropped and he got a wiff of geraniums or roses he wasnt sure but he grabbed my two older siblings and left the room and we moved shortly after that my mum remembers the feeling of being watched in the house and spent all her time at her brothers till my dad came home then they all went home. <br />
my dad is an x paratrooper and he told me that was the only time he was genuinely scared in his life .<br />
<br />
other little things like my youngest has seen things and told me and on speaking to neighbours theyve told us that the person my wee one described lived in the house years before we moved in .<br />
<br />
my youngest kept on about his pal jimmy sitting on the toplandidng of the house talking to him he even described how he looked and what he was wearing in detail and the old lady next door told us that this sounded like young james who fell out of the loft hatch and died on the stairs but the thing that kinda freaked me was that my boy said jimmy was angry with me for throwing away his toys, when we got the house there where toy soldiers and horses and some books in the loft which i binned and didnt tell anyone about? so i know my youngest is the same as me .

I've had many paranormal experiences, but they almost always seem to center around physical location for me. (There have been periods of years where nothing has happened to my knowledge.) About six years ago, I moved to northern Wisconsin to help my father and stepmother with their bar/cafe business, and I moved into an apartment on the second floor of the three-story building. (The building was over 200 years old - it had sponsored church gatherings, illegal drinking during prohibition and prostitution throughout its rich history.) There had been many reports of activity over the 20+ years it was in the family, and I started experiencing things immediately. When my dad died, things really kicked into high gear, and I was even grabbed on the shoulder. Unfortunately, we were already in the process of selling the building for demolition at the time of his death - it would have been really interesting to have an investigation done there. Less than a block away, I was bartending in another old building, and when I would lock the doors at night, someone would enter the men's room (I could hear the door spring, but it never happened when I was actually watching it). One night I ran from the back room after hearing the door. I walked into the men's room, and the toilet was still flushing.<br />
<br />
There are too many stories to tell, but as I said, over the years, it has been intermittent, and on occasion, I seem to run into a hotbed of activity.

3am is dead time<br />
<br />
I haven't slept with the lights off in over 20 years.

I am a military man and a combat veteran and admit that I have had to sleep with the light on due to knowing there is someone-thing in my presence.

If you want protection from dark spirits...fill yourself with love...love and light are the same thing... and darkness cannot live in light....and you can prove this very easily...<br />
<br />
If there are 2 rooms both in darkness open the door between them and turn on the light in one of the rooms... the light will immediately instantly cut thru the darkness thru the open doorway... same in the spirit world...darkness can never cut thru the light....but light and love cuts thru darkness instantaneously...

Hi there<br />
Seeing spirits in reflections of windows,mirrors and pictures is very common. There is an occurance that happens that causes people to see there family members in there homes and it is not a good thing. Although we have loved our family when they were alive, there spirits can be quite differant than they were when living. This is because they do not have a personality of the concsious mind. they more so are controled by their egos and subconscious mind. Other spirits can change them quickly and normally not for the better. A better understanding of this is given at this web site.<br />
WWW.ghostgone.com<br />
<br />

I'm a teacher about spiritual things. I'm psychic, empathic, telepathic and so on. I work in the light and I work with angels in providing guidance to people.<br />
<br />
It is normal to have guardian spirits, and it's a blessing when you understand it. There are angels at hand to help with any dark things that come your way. <br />
<br />
If you are psychic enough to feel presence then you can access your angels for protection. <br />
<br />
Love is a very special power in the universe. Learning how to feel more love will add light to you and the darker spirits don't like being around people who are well lit up in spiritual light.<br />
<br />
A simple way to increase the light within is to pay attention to things you like in life. If you like sunsets, for example, watch more of them and let your being meld into the glory of the sky and the artistry. Feel appreciation for creation and you are indirectly loving the creative life forces and God. You may experience moments of being loved back. Don't dismiss those moments as nothing. Keep looking for things to love more. It all pertains to a vibrational energy that you emit, and that is what is also called a light within. <br />
<br />
When you know that you have angels and guardians near and when you love them, you are safe. Don't let fear enter. Boot it out with affirmations of loving protection around you.<br />
<br />
Some people play around with occult toys, like reading cards, pendulums and so on. The idea of these toys is that you ask spirits to guide you or answer questions. This is playing with fire. Spirits of the darker sort will play the games and you can end up having some very unwelcome guests in your home. <br />
Guardian spirits and angels are not playing those kinds of games. Synchronicity, visions, special dreams and psychic connection are their avenues of communication.<br />
<br />
Try to walk in the light path and the angels will be working with you. The light path is a joyous path. To be on it requires losing some dark perspectives such as hatred, envy, selfishness, lies and so forth. <br />
<br />
Gifts of the soul can have many good uses in life. I hope you can find your light path and feel the joy of it.

I am a Christian and have had to have my Pastor come over due to so much ghost activity. I have also had a Native spirit man come to cleanse and clear my home. He come over a couple of times but the activity continued. He put me in contact with a Catholic Priest who has come over and done a house cleansing and also somewhat of an exorcism on me. The Father and the Native man who came over said that it isn't the house but me who is the connection. I naively thought I was living in haunted house after house. Now I sense them more and more after having the self-realization that I am the magnet for these entities. I am a strong believer in God and Jesus is my Lord and Savior and realize that this is Science Fiction type activity. I have always been reluctant to tell people including family because there are so many skeptics and ignorant people in this world. I am starting to read books on the matter and am realizing that most of the people who have this sensitivity are Christian and God loving people.

My own experience goes back to my teens and have seen many apparitions and shadow people around me especially in my homes. I have had roommates move out because of ghost activity and odd happenings. I have always kept my mouth shut because I have had roommates who have not notices these things. I got married and all was calm until last year when my wife started talking about shadow people and noises like someone was in the house so I had no choice but to tell her that this is because of me. When I am around, people see and experience the paranormal and it makes me feel like a complete freak. Now I have really freaked my wife out. I can tell her where spirits are in the house and now she takes pictures and large orbs are exactly where I tell her these spirits are. It freaks us both out. With what is happening, she downloaded EMF meters on our phones and I will walk around and hold meter up where only she can see it and I tell here that I feel one here and here and so forth and the meter registers everywhere I say with 100% accuracy. This is not a "gift" as some people have called it. This ability has scared both of us. Lately, I have even been able to tell her who some are and how they died. THe more I see and feel, the more spirits show up. I wish this would stop. It feels so uncomfortable at times that I get a high level of anxiety. The Priest is becoming a regular at our house and our praying is getting more and more intense wanting to not feel these entities. Last year, we had some very mean spirits that slapped my wife when i was at work. We would go to bed and she would wake up scared and have bruises that would show up in the morning that were not there when we went to sleep. She had bruises that you could easily distinguish as hand prints on her. With a lot of this activity, I have had to be woken due to night terrors. My wife also recently saw a woman in white walking in the house. The Native came back over and he said he saw a woman in white and we had not told him anything about my wife seeing this entity. I pray everyday to understand why I have this ability, this so called gift.

It does sound like family is coming back to visit you. Its true that fear can attract negative spirits, and fear and anger also make them stronger. I've encountered spirits all my life, some harmless and some not. As a child I was very afraid and had many bad experiences, but as an adult I refuse to let myself be scared by the encounters. If you're ever afraid find something that makes you happy and feel positive. If I ever start to feel afraid I break out my favorite book. I get so caught up in that book no matter how many times I read it, that I forget my fears.

Dear Melanie Jean, <br />
<br />
WOW! Your grandfather there to your rescue when you were really feeling bad! I do believe it was him. One night I was thinking about my grandmother who had passed while I was just going to sleep and I missed her a lot and started feeling a choked-up feeling in my throat--like a burning-type pain when you are really sad, and all of a sudden there was a white light, rectangular in shape, that sat on me and the sad feeling was gone instantly! So that's why I truly believe it was your grandfather. So I think it's wonderful and that most likely he continues to look after you. <br />
<br />
You mentioned a very interesting thing--that you can easily sense peoples' emotions. That was something I needed to hear because the same thing has been happening to me for quite some time but intensified the past few months although I've been dealing with this paranormal stuff for years. <br />
<br />
The toys that start making a noise on their own: In 1994 we had a stuffed pumpkin that would laugh when you pressed it's middle ~ it laughed on it's own and scared me and my daughter. So I can relate. <br />
<br />
You felt someone put a hand on your leg. Several months ago 'someone' put a hand on my back while I was in bed. <br />
<br />
About when you were on the computer and felt frigid cold: In 1996 I was in my mom's living room with my sister and daughter and all of a sudden my daughter and I started freezing. I asked my mom and sister if they were cold and they weren't cold. We walked home (we lived next door) and as we approached the front step I saw a black shadowy figure fly into the sky. For some reason I thought we should pray and we got on our knees and prayed until we got warm. <br />
<br />
One time I was on the computer and a paper printed out an apple in the middle of the paper and the next sheet of paper printed a warning: Beware and there was a picture of something that looked like a skeleton which I've come to understand might have been a watcher. I wish I'd saved it. However I was scared and called some lady and she told me to burn it which I did;<br />
I burned it outside on some gravel and then poured water over the ashes.<br />
<br />
My one sister also doesn't believe in ghosts or demons and she won't discuss any of this with me. My other sister and my nephew's wife believe in them totally but are too afraid of them and don't want to discuss them at all. They both had experiences with them. I find that people either believe you and want to discuss it (very small minority); believe you and do not want to discuss it because they are afraid; pretend that they believe you and don't want to talk about it; pretend that they know what is best for you as in "Get rid of those photos because you are showing yourself to be double-minded." No way! I'm sorry I got rid of the picture from the printer. In my way of thinking this is evidence! Also I believe that the photos are a gift to me from the Kingdom of God because otherwise I would never have found out what was really going on all those years! So<br />
not being understood or believed is really difficult so I'm glad I found this site and I'm glad you posted your experiences. I hope we can share our observations in hope of helping each other. It's so difficult to go through this without any support. <br />
<br />
When you say that you're always afraid of opening yourself up in fear of attracting any type of evil spirits ~<br />
I feel the same way! My husband and I had to go to see the deacon at our church and go over a list of 33 questions to see basically if we opened a door and we answered yes to too many of them. So that's why I am very afraid of doing the wrong thing and opening a door.<br />
<br />
When you said you hear that you shouldn't be scared because evil spirits can feed on that ~ I read that many places also in several different books. <br />
<br />
Then you say you're doing your best to come to terms with your continuing experiences. This has been very difficult for me. I have been suffering a great deal of depression because I was being oppressed for so long. But reading the experiences that people have had on this site is very uplifting. I hope to post my experiences tomorrow as it is late now and my eyes are very itchy. <br />
<br />
So hang in there Melanie Jean. God bless you and yours!<br />
Love, JCSunshine :o)