This Has Been My Life...

Ever since I was little, I've always known when people were going to call, when NOT to do something (as in crossing the street and then some1 getting hit 2 seconds later), had dreams that have come true. I'm also a medium.  I've had conversations, I guess you can call them, with dead people, often not at all related to me. 
It freaks out alot of people and I've stopped telling people, unless its something I know that they NEED to know.  But society really does look down on us.  Its annoying that they can deal with shows like Ghost Whisperer and Missing and John Edward, but put in front of them in real life, they freak out.  Anyone else get that too?
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Yes I agree, I too keep it to myself because of skeptical people. Im glad I found this site so I can at least have some comfort of knowing Im not alone.

yep--i can definately relate. i usually don't say anything either, at least until we've gotten to know eachother. or they specifically come to me for help.<br />
and yeah, it is annoying that these shows are okay, but when they meet someone like you or i they become judgemental, etc. ah, well. i definately think it's getting better, though.

Thank you for your story. This is my first time at this site.<br />
It has been very helpful to read these experiences because a lot of things happened to me over at least the past ten years and I have no one to discuss it with.<br />
People either don't believe me or are afraid of me. That makes me feel very anxious and depressed. I've been feeling depressed for many years now because of all that's happened and the negative energy that's still around me and reading about other people's experiences is the only thing that has been helpful for me because there is no one I can talk to about what has happened and no one that understands all the fear<br />
and anxiety I experienced for all those years and now I'm still having trouble letting go of it because I need to discuss things with someone especially since things still happened as recent as a month ago.

I've had experiences of being given knowledge of something before it happens. It is very subtle but definite. I had a vision that I was going to be hit in the head with a rock in 1998. It was specific, I saw myself being hit in the back of the head. I was reminded of this vision off and on over the years but never paid much mind to it. In Dec 2005 I was going to a party and I had a powerful voice in my head say "don't go, don't go" but I thought that was silly. It didn't seem logical. Well 10 minutes later I was laying on the pavement after I wrecked my bike on the way to the party and cracked my skull. The back of my head of course. It was subtle but if I would've listened to my intuition I would have averted disaster.

I am not in touch with such things, but paranormal goings on have always been in touch with me, as I grew up I thought everyone had invisible goings on around them, it was only when people have been around me to witness these things madr me relise that this is not the case.In fact when something happens from the other side, I now know to keep my wits about me as un seen danger is lurking around me, still dont understand why.

yes, people close to me know to listen they will even ask if i knew it was going to happen.Others tend to be scared.