It Was About Mid Day and I Was...

It was about mid day and I was driving east on I-40 through Arkansas, going to Jackson, Tennessee. I was doing about 75 mph, about 10 over the limit for a big truck. I looked over to the passenger seat, and saw my little brother sitting there. He told me that I needed to get of at the next exit and take the service road. I told him that I couldn't because then I would miss the weigh station and be in deep trouble. He told me that the weigh station wouldn't be open, because all the police were at the accident, and then he was gone. I took the exit, and about 2 miles before the chicken coop (weigh station) there was a really bad accident. Three big trucks. A flat bed, stacked high with steel beams, a refridgerated truck and a tanker. The reefer had rearended the flatbed, killing the driver on impact and the tanker had rearended the reefer, bursting into flames. At the speed I was going and that I wasn't monitering my radio, I never would have been able to stop in time, I would have hit them too. Do I think my brother saved my life that day, you better believe it.
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When i read the story i seriously had the hair stand up on my neck.. i too, know he was there watching out for you..; )

My little brother has been gone almost six years. The anniversary of his death is coming soon and I dread it as usual. <br />
What got me, about seeing him, is that he was in his dress uniform with all of his medals on (the one he was buried in.) But he looked happy and healthy, not the way he looked in his casket.<br />
I felt peace and warmth. It was cold in the truck, but I was warm as if I were sitting outside in the sun.<br />
That is the only time that I have seen him, like that. I dream about him often and my children do things that are him made over. Especially my youngest boy, who acts just like him. It is bitter sweet.