In my house, on the road and in other people's houses. Sometimes I don't even realize that it is something that no one can see until someone asks me what I'm staring at. I am happy that I can see and experience all that I do.

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I remember the first time I saw both the "real" and astral together... It was the weirdest thing... a small part of the wall started to change how it looked then when I reached out to touch it it was like a light curtain that actually moved when my hand got close.<br />
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I know when it is quiet I can hear both and it will freak me out if I'm alone as I will start to hear things loud and clear!<br />
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When I see the other side the person/ob<x>ject is clear as day... the only reason that I might figure out that it isn't "really" there is that the person might be standing and stop at the legs.

right there beside you ..i truely understand that which you speak..i live between the parrells of heaven and earth daily too and all the souls that exist in between the here and there.are what keeps me in a constant state of being preoccupied with the living..crazy **** huh ?

That's fascinating! Would love to hear more on this.