Seeing the Number 44 Everywhere

Besides looking at the clock everytime its 44 , i have had a lot more coincides with this number . For example i own a tarot deck and a cocktail bird too which i train do tricks for me . One of these tricks is to select one card out of the deck with her beak. The first time she selected the number 4 , and then i shuffled and ordered the cards and told the bird to select another card and she got another different number 4 again . The first one was the 4 of wands and the second one the four of gold , i shuffled well again making sure the cards changed position and gave the deck to the bird and once again selected a number 4 of spades until she finally got all fours out , it was kinda weird actually because before i posted this question i went to the bathroom and when i came back it was 4:44 pm , also i recently started talking to one guy from this site and when i asked his age he said he was 44 . I have been having spiritual dreams and found out in one website that it means Impeccability, desire with insight, wisdom with reason, intensity, conviction, adeptness, heroism, self-control, discipline, controlled energy focused

Well actually i have been very focused on my studies and trying to control my anger issues so i guess my question is have you received a sign like seeing a symbol or number everywhere when you are trying to change for the good ? i want to hear about your stories?

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44 started to appear to me the week I learned about twin flames and that week i had some intense energy (also because i had someone in mind that i think is my twin flame,even though he doesn't know me) do u think it has something to do with this? Srs its getting frustrating,im not surprised anymore.

I see 44 everywhere. I have been for almost a year now gradually but at this point its almost 3-5 times an hour! It's driving me crazy lol. I feel like something is about to happen. About the working on myself, I have and I've been very successful. Gotten over depression, lost 10 lbs, found some great friends who love me, fixed my relationship with my family, gotten financially secure from being completely broke, and building a business that is growing everyday. I will say one thing, I asked for a soulmate in May 2014, and that's when I started seeing it. 44s everywhere. And then I met him in June that year and he started seeing 44s too. Sadly we broke up this year and I stopped seeing it immediately. And then I was thinking about him last month when I saw my first 44 in a long time. And then I realized that I hadn't seen it since he left. And I started wondering if it had anything to do with him. And now it is everywhere all the time. So I don't really know what to make of it.

I started documenting my experience with the reappearing 44. Because I just know I will see it; so I don't actually look for it, I JUSTsee it. It's like ordering a just know it's coming and never second guess it. It is a perfect example of Law Of Atraction...simply Physics. We can bring anything into exsistance if we apply the same sense of KNOWING. Have this word tattooed on my right wrist. Did it a few years back and never really knowing I do ­čĹŹ. A daily remaindered. ­čśä

All day today while at work, Obsessively!!!... I'm confronted with these numbers 11,22,33,44,55,29,13,14 .... I stopped to get gas and purchased 2 scratchers.. All 8 numbers appeared on each scratcher! Curious.. I went back to purchase 5 random ones.. Total cost Was $22.. And yes... Each scratcher carried ALL 8 numbers.

I'm not sure if this is linked to my birthday?
Is it normal to have ALL 3 master numbers within your birthday? And what's the significance behind it? Please help me.... I feel like all my chakras are blasted open with the intense amount of energy harnessed within an atomic bomb.

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Hello. I have been seeing the number 44 everywhere for the past 3 years. When I wake up at night the clock minute hand is on the number 44. Today at wendys I paid with a $20, and as I handed it to the lady I saw 44 written in red on the $20 bill. My last car I had last year came with the number 44 in the drivers licensr plate. I wad in a car wreck, a lady hit my car hard. Her license plate hat the number 44. The cop who came to the scene had the number 44 on his plates as well. I see it in cars in front of me everyday while driving some weird force tell catches my attention to that number everywhere I go. I try to ignore it, I hate it, it haunts me. I fear I will die on my 44th birthday. I coukd fill up ten pages of how and where I see it. I have hoped it was just me thinkinging about it, but I know the odds of me looking at my ohone or waking up every night and the clock reads 44 is not random. I am glad I am not alone. I woukd love to talk with anyone who is suffering from the same thing. y last wri

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I'm 15 turning 16 august 27 but when I was little the highest number I could count to was 44, so It became my favorite number but I also started seeing it everywhere I looked and I thought nothing of it but I see it at least a dozen times a day and I really wanna know what it means.

its a master number, I dont think it means what numerologists say but be aware of whats going on when the numbers appear. in my experience its some kind of signal from the divine reassuring us.

hei u know what guys ? eye is 44 and get perfection of the looking, the nature is surrounding U, eye means the common U, the 44 is magnetic, eye know everything if u stay with me when u get in ur hand your phone and it light up without think then my eye involuntarily see it, it's time it's now it's always :44 minutes, it's always 4 minutes as Madonna said U, Prince said 2 U, i'm scared i discover that the number 44 keep following me since before i notice, i don't wanna found it, it scares me i don't know what to do, but eye found that, it's not me it's eye, eye swears, on plaque, on telephone number of friends i have before i notice to be followed, eye saw that in url, in message that i receive my mind is exploding what's happening this july ? anyone knows? don't call it christ it's wrong it's god it's dog it's the same, none is coming eveything is to do, don't wait the christ there was no cross we're turning back ? history never existed what do i have to think ? i know who eye was before but eye was none eye was words but how to explain?

did you lose your I?

ego-es lost eyes

I dont think you ever lose that I think it learns discipline. Your divine spirit manifests your soul so its a permanent partnership. What you learn is to get your ego to permanently bow to your spirit. As i have said to others the goal is a response of love and happiness to everything, if you can do that , your eyes will open.

oh and the method to disciplining is fairly simple , crucifying your egos faults and flaws.

what this means is when you err against others , regardless of what they did, you just put your err on the table and admit it , talk it out until its covered. then you stop doing that automatically. may sound odd but damn!!! it really works.

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The same has been happening to me from age 44 i see 44 several times a day. I am almost 48 now and I also have been searching for my purpose. I also have been trying to change for the better and have had anger issues or hotheadedness that i been working to bring under control.

Stay focused on what you sense your here for

I've been seeing this as well. I believe it means to get yourself ready for the return of Christ,

Me too, I'm haunted by 44. Everytime I look at the Clock, door numbers, everything. Plagued.

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Sounds like the sequal to The Number 23

I see 44 and 444 literally everywhere. License plates, clocks, flight numbers, registers, it's absurd. I have never been able to link any connection with it, but it is out of control. My fiance' thought I was full of it when we met, which was April 4th btw... and now she is a believer as it is just too much to account for. It arrives and shows itself to me every day, in a million ways. Does anyone have any insight?

Funny. April 4th is my birthday. So is my closest female friend.

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I think I can help many of you out. I am not an expert in numerology, but I am an expert with 44 I can promise you that. I know many of you think nobody sees it as much as you do, but I assure you...I was born with this number. I remember asking my mother when I was 5 years old..."Mommy, how come every time I look at the clock its always something 44?"

I've asked questions. I've been given answers. Seek and ye shall find. One thing is for sure. We are hypersensitives. Sensitive to God...angels....our environment..each other...I can't quite say. I can feel the number when its I'm sure many of you can. Crowds and grocery stores make me much input. I guess I'm saying this because I feel like many of you can relate.

I'm curious as to what many of you will think of what I am about to say. What if I told you we may be the 144,000? The chosen people in the end times? What if a war is coming? Not a war with guns, but one with words and ideals. What if we are the chosen to share God's insight with the world in order to save it? What if we are the last call. What if God is saying, "Go out and change the world....or this experiment is coming to an end."

I can honestly tell you that from a couple of years ago, I started seeing numbers. Specifically I started seeing parallel numbers 11, 33, 55. And when I started looking the meaning of these random numbers. It basically said that I was on a mission to serve people and that my divine life purpose was to bring a new consciousness to the people around. And your very right... in the bible it talks about the 144,000 chosen ones. The question would be if our realization is indeed that we are the chosen ones?

Your were brave enough to say it. Thank you.

a war is not coming, it is happening. Wake up, stay awake

not to mention, there are multiple physical wars happening right now

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For a long time now, I have been seeing 44, or 444 everywhere..and the odd thing is, when I share this with others I know, they start seeing the numbers too.

Same here...then these people text me pics of their 44 sightings hence I get to see even more 44's...hehehehe

It is no coincidence that I am now 44 years old.
Pensei que era somente eu que estava passando por isto.
Mesma coisa comigo pessoal. Come├žou a me chamar a aten├ž├úo faz uns 11 meses.
Hoje resolvi procurar no google tamb├ęm. Que surpresa!
Adotei o seguinte procedimento. Toda vez que vejo, fa├žo uma prece para Jesus e meu Anjo Guardi├úo. E me sinto como sendo um bom sinal.
Abra├žos a todos!

yup ever since i met my twin flame
i was born on 8/19/1968 @12:16 pm met my twin in my 44th year

mine told me she was reminded of me when someone mentioned 44, now i see it 20+ times a day. I recently added her name up in numerology and it equals 44.

So u think it has to do with tf, maybe like a "pre-meeting" thing? My story is at the top

Who Knows? Like i said, by paying attention to things around you, which requires some openness as discipline you may find the correlations. I dont think they mean the same thing for everyone though. or the same thing for you repeatedly

Ola meus caros, tamb├ęm comecei a ver o numero 44 e 444 por toda parte,espero que seja uma coisa boa,comecei ver esses n├║meros tem pouco tempo,come├žou desde o dia que eu tive problema grave de sa├║de,tive uma disec├žao obstrutiva de 90 por cento arteria descendente anterior esquerda ela e a principal arteria do cora├žao ela enche a camara cardiaca,segundo os medicos escapei por milagre de DEUS...mais aconte├že algumas coisas comigo bastante interessante,sou uma lenda onde nasci por segundo a minha familia,EU CHOREI NA BARRIGA DA MINHA MAE,e segundo os mais antigos eu teria o DOM da vedencia e realmente eu veja algumas coisas que nao consigo explicar,DEJA-VI,onde eu vejo algumas cenas e tenho precentimento que ja vi aquela cenas aconte├že toda hora,consigo tambem adivinhar algumas coisas,nao comento com ninguen por vao pensar que sou doido...Grande Abra├žo a todos...moro em Goianai-Goias-Brasil

I have been seeing 44 and 444 for a few years. I will wake up in the middle of the night and look at the clock and it will be 4:44. I was born April 8, 8:00am weighing 8 lbs 8 oz. <br />
<br />
The 4s are not stopping. On license plates, cell phones, receipts, and I'm not looking for them.

This is a master number in numerology as is 11,22,33,44 all the way up to 99. I know this because I was born under the master number 44. It is how they reffer to it in numerology as a very high vibration. It is in no way a bad omen. It means a way of bringing God's insight to earth through service. If you do not believe me look up Edger Cayce's numerology. Also a very dear person to me (who was in no way an evil person) was born under this #. If you do not understand the master numbers they operate under the 2 numbers added together until you can handle the vibration. PLEASE if there are other 44's out there please send me a message. In all honesty though it is not bad.

I have been seeing number sequences for over 10 years. It started with 911 and since 2009 I have seen 44, 444, 4444 on a daily basis and in visions. I also see other duplicate numbers but 4 is the most common and 44 the most consistent. In fact as I type my phone battery is at 44% , This is so typical. I believe this number to belong to arch angel Michael and the number sequences in general to be angelic. Numbers are a form of communication. Logic and reasoning without emotion. It is no coincidence that I am now 44 years old. Will be interested to see what happens after my next birthday!

Well it's got to do God's work on earth, so I am VERY interested in what this year will bring you :) I do free readings on here through im and I'd like to read for you. If that would be alright with you :) So please befriend me and im me!
Take care,

Would you give me a reading?

?? Please explain

Would you read for me?? I have the same thing happening to me but I have a different perspective about this.

hi greypearl, i've been seeing this number sequence for almost 2 to 3 yrs now. and i'm still pretty disturbed by it. may i know if this number is of any prediction to the future or upcoming events?

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ok you guys it's so sad because none of you are refering to this number/sign in a spiritual context. The number 44 is actually a WARNING& SIGN of things to come. I myself am a "victim" of this number it never had ANY meaning but followed me my ENTIRE life.. i sought to find out.. As you guys can too, without just reading on experiences, this number &( you can google it) is THAT OF A NUMBER WARNING AND URGING YOU FOR THE SIGNS OF "THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT" it startled me at first until i realized my purpose and importance to watch out&or make sure that im prepared for this day... YOU will too, need to follow the same if at any chance wanting to find real hope.. I experience visions as i always have and the EVIL one wanted me to think i was cursed! but after learning this, i now know my value and purpose... <br />
GOD BLESS& i urge you to study for yourselves

Sugar I have studied this my hole life. You fell victim to the # because you could not handle and/or was not embracing what God had given you. That being said there are radical Christian sites the reffer to the # the same way you did. This goes all the way back to pre-Christian doctrin think Pythagoras.

I am sorry to bring this back up again over a year later but could you explain the judgement thing to me? I am a catholic. All of this started off with me seeing the number 66, then 33, then 666, then 44, and 17. I am a Catholic and I have had three exorcisms performed on myself because I have dabbled with the New Age a few times and I have suffered sleep paralysis and night mares repeatedly for the past 6 months. I have also experienced paranormal activity with shadows, orbs, premonitions that have come true. Thank you.

I hope this helps others but I was seeing 44 EVERYWHERE for about a month until I finally realized that for me it meant grounding myself and focusing intention downward.

it happens to lot of people actually!

OMG! What is the significance with the clock being 11:11, !2:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc. when you just so happen to look at it for no reason! This happens to me almost every single day no joke. I have wondered about why it happens for the longest time because it is so frequent. What do you think?

I have also Been seeing the number 44.. EVERWHERE.<br />
<br />
But i have a story behind mine.<br />
Me and my ex boyfriend <br />
; we both had the same fav number. - four.<br />
So he decided to say 44 forever.. after that day, <br />
Iv seen it in the time 12:44 or whatever, on facebook, msn chat , school math questions, my bowling score :$ ahahah long story . ( I fail ) [; <br />
Were not dating anymore, and ever since we have stoped dating i see it none stop.<br />
My friends have started to notice it as well. <br />
I think the number if trying to tell me something, <br />
Maybe because the reson we broke up was my fault.. and its trying to haunt me..<br />
I dont know but i just thought i'd share this with you because i was doing <br />
some research on it and wanted to know if anyone else had the same proble.<br />
<br />
If any info contact me please ! :)

Again 44 is God's work on earth ;) 12 is an extremely holy #, 12 Apostles, 12 tribes of Isreal, 12 as broken down 1+2=3, 3 is the trinity. I can tell you more msg me.
Have a good day!

Can you tell me more plz

yes, i have the same circumstances
odd, what could it be trying to communicate

I have the same story. My post is on top

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very interesting....:)

very interesting....:)