Voice From Beyond

I will tell you about the most recent experience this time. 

Just about every night around 10pm I turn on my pc and play checkers, I live alone and natually have the empty nest syndrome.  I have become ill, final diagnosis not in yet.

Last week, as ususal I turned on my screen, speakers, then the tower in that order.  I then signed on, since this is still a business program I use, I must sign on as admin.

Upon downloading my information (which pc does) after it was complete. 

A womans voice came over my speaker saying, "Hi, Jo."  my nickname from my family when they were alive.  I peaked around my screen to see my speaker and could not figure it out.  First let me say this about my self.  I was in law enforcement as well as education and am very much grounded in logic first.  I always look for a logical explanation.

I placed 2 phone calls to 2 different son's whom are both very computer literate.  Told them of the experience and ask them if a CB or Ban could have come through my speakers by accident and coincidence with my nickname.  They both assured me there was no way.  One even went into detail regarding being able to talk and hear over the speakers as he plays games online which require this.

The more I thought about it and the sound especially being a female voice.  It sounded much like my sister who passed away, 1990.

I have had many experiences to numerous to explain in one month let alone one day.  This has happened to me ever since I was a child.  It scared me then.  Now I just either answer back or shrug it off. 


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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

I have walkie talkies for me and my husband to use because he works from ome. I was on them and it did come through my speakers on the laptop but as far as usinf you nickename, that I believe was paranormal.a voice beyound the grave. I have hear my name when I am cooking or doing c *****. It is odd becausew it is the same voice. Well I think one time it was a male.