The Mysterious Mandarin Tree

I never had an imaginary friend , but strangly just for one day i talked out loud with that huge beautiful mandarin tree !


i wish i could remember what i was saying to it . All i know is that i walked up to it and asked a question to its trunk , i put my ear in its trunk expecting a reply and **** !!!!!!!  a female voice replied in a low tone with some mumbo jumbo language i coulnt get what she said but the voice sounded like two or three voices together instead of one , needless to say i run away and never talk to the tree agin , i would play around it and stuff but nothing else

My special friend from previous posts told me that my old place was soaked in negative energy , Well it was pretty old to say the thruth , builded by spaniards in colonnial times, i miss it sometimes!

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Feb 26, 2009