Investigated a local historic park last night in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as a guest with a paranormal investigation group. I will post pictures soon. The investigation took place August 17, 2014.

The park was established in 1940 and is one of the city's youngest cemeteries. It's a favorite place for runners and bicyclists. The paranormal investigation started soon after 8:00 p.m., lasted until 11:00 p.m. On the investigation tonight, none of us saw anything that seemed paranormal but did hear strange things.The weather was beautiful. Over the course of the evening, there was the sound of something in the distance that sounded like a cat meowing but the tone was stretched out, almost wailing. Once we started the ghost box, a device that spirits are supposed to be able to talk through, things got interesting.

The investigator said ' so if there's anybody here that wishes to communicate with us....', a voice seemed to say ' there is'. The investigator then said ' first off, I want you to say the number one'. A female, child like voice is heard saying 'one'. The investigator said ' it sounds like there's a male voice, is that you?' A male voice says 'whatever'. Investigator remarks, ' we have to be able to communicate with you so I'm going to be pausing for 15 seconds for your answer. Do you understand?' A voice says 'no'. A female voice a minute later seems to say 'they're nice people'. Investigator says ' if you are here, where are you compared to us?' Immediately, a male voice first says 'well back' and then when the investigator asks him to repeat what he just said, the voice says 'close'. The investigator asked who is standing to his left (referring to me). A male voice says ' you pick' and a woman's voice says 'her?' The investigator says 'come on, what's my name'? A mildly irritated voice responds 'get out'. The investigator asked ' why do you want us to get out'? A female responded 'it's difficult'. ( I heard this, the recording may not have caught it). The investigator said ' it's difficult to communicate with us, isn't it'? A voice says 'no'.

You can listen to the audio at
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Unsure of how to upload pictures here....

If you look at the pictures, some of them seem to have captured white orbs. Orbs are believed to be little balls of energy manifestations of spirits. Skeptics believe orbs are just dust or specks portrayed by the camera's flash function.

Here are my thoughts on the investigation and this post is a follow up on my last one, detailing the paranormal investigation on the night of August 17, 2014.

The device the investigator used to record alleged communication with the other side is one that constantly scans all the radio channels in the vicinity. Therefore, it is impossible to say for certain that voices did, in fact, respond to our questions. Answers we started thinking we received may merely have been random words and partial sentences picked up from one or more radio stations the device scanned at the time. So please keep that in mind and please don't let the information I post here frighten you

NOt at all frightened by what you say here. Many folks experience these things without the backup of equipment. Especially the white orbs. DUst specks or flash function?? Pfff! I've Heard too many stories of similar orbs that seem to frequent paranormal activity in vicinity to believe it's coincidental 'dust'!

I appreciate that. I'm referring to the 'orbs' I seem to have captured on some of my digital photos. I did not, at any time, see an orb myself but, heck, that would have been something. :)

In the city I work in, a segment done on the top 5 'haunted' sites in the area. One of the places is a bar and grill dining facility. The bar tender apparently has good report with a female entity that has been there numerous years. He noted several occations of a white/light orb. And at one time in a seating area upstairs closed off to public there were 3 or so distinct orbs and he thinks there was "company" that day! :)

that's interesting.

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Whoa! THat's interesting! :) Keep us posted in the future!

Will do