2nd Experience

I was in elementary school and I had moved in with my grandparents. Everyone else had went to bed but I couldn't go to sleep. I had turned the radio on and was listening to that song "where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from cotten eyed joe". And during the song some one in the background was laughing. I thought it was part of the song and thought it was silly that someone would put lauging in there song, but when the song ended, the laughing continued. Then I thought it was the dj, but the laughing didn't stop, it just got louder and more sinister. Now I was scared but i was telling myself, its the dj and he's going to start talking again or put another song on, but never did -  it was just the laughing. After like 5 minutes I finally shut off the radio and unplugged it and stayed up half the night scared.


The next morning I plugged it in half expecting the laughing to still be there but it was gone and it was regular radio again. For almost a year i wouldn't listen to the radio at night because of that damn laughing.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I not only would have turned off and unplugged the radio, I think I would have left the room also, maybe even the house.

wow that's a rough one. I think that would have scared me too