At work right now where I do graveyard shifts as a caregiver. I was seated in the living room, experimenting with ghost communicating applications on my tablet. 3:00am, I hear two distinct THUNK THUNKS coming from the kitchen behind me. I think to myself, that sounds unusual, none of the appliances in the kitchen are running, nor do they ever make that sound. And I don't think its the freezer attached to the fridge....

A few minutes later, I turn to see a used plastic sandwich bag on the floor. I had been sitting there the whole night, nobody had been in the kitchen and I KNEW that plastic sandwich bag was not there when I cleaned and sanitized that same kitchen before everybody turned in for the night.

I am perplexed....

The ladies here think it is the ghost of a little boy, messing around in the facility.
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What kind of apps do you use ? Have any of them been found to be useful ?

thanks for this

applications called ghost communicator, ghost radar. I don't know how reliable they are, its possible they are only for entertainment purposes and not the real thing. But two different apps I used on my tablet did both spell out 'hahahaha' one night. At the time, one of the persons in my care was chuckling in her room, too, playing with the house pet. That was interesting.

I had ghost detector. It had a pic of a blue ghost on the app cover. It was a joke it kept saying look left, look right, look up.............I deleted it. But I did download an EVP detector called EVP has a app cover with EVP written in italicized print on the cover and it is the first one listed on google play store. It has not worked for me, but it looks like it has the potential to work. Some of the peole that left replies said it worked for them. I'll try the ghost detector and see what that does for you have the ghost detector classic ?

ghost radar classic, not ghost detector

I'll look it up in a few minutes, just have to head out to see if I can find somebody to look at my car. It's not starting up.

Do the people you work with know you use them ? What do they think ?

no, I wasn't using them during the time I was with the investigation group.

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Posting from work. A few minutes ago, the plastic sandwich bag that I threw away in the garbage this morning seems to have reappeared. I know it's the same one because, before I threw it in the garbage this morning, I noticed it had a smudged fingerprint on it. The fingerprint is on this one, too, and I just spotted it a few minutes ago sitting on top of the microwave in the kitchen!

A person in the house says she saw it in the living room.

I have written 'ghost!' on it in black marker, thrown it back into the garbage. If it shows up again somewhere else in the facility now, I will know something is up.

""ghost communicating applications"" ? What is this in plain speak?

Was searching google play store for applications that allow Electronic Voice Phenomena Recordings, some of which claimed to be actual white noise recorders, and, others, applications that communicated with ghosts and spirits in your vicinity but 'for entertaintment purpose only'. In other words, fake ghost hunting applications available for entertainment in google play store.

Well i would not be dabbling in that game. I would leave spirits well alone. Or you will end up regretting it.

thanks I appreciate you saying that. It seems you speak from experience or you know somebody who has been negatively affected by an interest in the paranormal?