So Real to Me...

I experienced divine intervention while dieing of meth abuse as i shuttered on the floor after a 14 day absence of food, sleep and little water, freezing wrapped in blankets in the 90 degree weather. Halucinations, nausea, and isolation had over taken me. It was nearly 7am one lonely morning in a hotel room with others after a long night of line after line. I became clear and level and said to myself " these people are losers and i don't want to be here". At that time it had been 4 years of cocaine and meth/ ice abuse. I dropped it that day and never turned back. I spent the next 4 weeks gaining weight, sleeping and sweating w/ night mares at my moms house. Wondering how it all happened. Mom said she spent every day in prayer.

I once turned on a touch lamp by looking at it when i had awoken in the morning one day.

I read others like a book when i meet them and 99 percent of the time i am dead on. I know them and their personality.

I was taunted by something at the age of 14. Water bed shaking at the frame, and things bouncing off my blankets as i layed there trying to sleep. In my empty bedroom. Scratching sounds out side my door in the night when no one was there.

I didn't sleep in my room for 3 months after that.

A butterfly followed me and my family as it landed gently on each of us during my grandmothers funeral service.  She was saying goodbye since we were the only members of the family that were located far away and didn't get to see her before she left.

I experimented w/ chakras and the possibility of soul movement between two people. Lying next to my friend during meditation we focused on the movement of our soul. when we had finnished we discribed our experience to eachother. In the end we matched eachothers feeling and thoughts. We were able to feel eachother and focus on the colors that stood out, and where they were in our bodies. You can't explain the heat and energy you feel inside when someones being has entered you. You can even tell if it has entered all the way or only partly because you can feel the difference on either side of your body.

26-30, F
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Heb_2:14 Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself similarly shared in the same, so that by means of His death He might destroy him having the power of death, that is, the devil,
Jas_4:7 So then subject yourselves to Elohim. Resist the devil1 and he shall flee from you. Footnote: 1Or adversary.
1Pe_5:8 Be sober, watch, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
1Jn_3:8 The one doing sin is of the devil, because the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of Elohim was manifested: to destroy the works of the devil.1 Footnote: 1See Titus 2:14.

YOU are way off ba<x>se. <br />
What are you even talking about. If you really want to know what all this is I can try to explain it, but I will have to comment on each individual thing you said. And I'm telling you, you are all over the map when it comes to your life and your thoughts. If you want answere reply to me

When we have travelled through our personal journey's than we are ready to open ourselves to the divine..Once we have completed that phase of it , there is no going back to who we were but to continue on being who were we meant to be. You have paid your debt and the realm of possiblities continue to open to us.We all have free will and you have choosen to be god's light, to share it with all who will listen and participate.As you go forward in life and never look back (for the past belongs in the past)prosperity will travel with you. Virtue is given through gratitiude.. continue to give gratitiude and your blessings will increase.

Yesterday the music on my computer started and I didn't touch it. It happened just after I said "lets get started" and I was getting ready for my meditation. It was the environment music I use for my meditation that started. I was happy. Hmmm, baby steps, lol.