My Paranormal Experience

My name is Debbie, and I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  When we bought this house we were told that a man had died in our house.  I have seen this man at the foot of our steps leading to the livingroom.  He wears a red flanel shirt and a baseball cap and smokes a cigarette.  My daughter has also seen him.  I did not tell her about my experience, but she described him to a T.  I also have a touch lamp in my house and it goes off and on by itself all of the time.  The other night my daughter was punched in the back.  She screamed and told me about the situation.  I have also been touched by this ghost.  He ran his hand up my leg twice.  In my bedroom I have a night light because I can see dead people in my room (like shadow people.)  But, the man that died in the house that we have seen looks like a human being not a shadow or anything.  He really doesn't bother us, but I do believe they are getting more aggressive.  Do you have any suggestions on what I should do.  I have always  welcomed any paranormal experience in my home, and they seem to be wherever we are.  I don't know if I attract them or what.  Please advise.

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Sounds like you and your daughter are both sensitives.

hi. Being a part time paranormal investigator/consultant, I'd say that there are 2 forces at work here. The ghost of the man who has an agressive nature which is probably keeping him earth bound. He probably hates being earth bound as I can 'see' with my second sight. The second is a dark spirit which is attached to the male ghost. Dark spirits can also be known as demonic, or dark entities. Best thing to do is get a priest or holy person to clean your house. psychic investigators can only do so much.

That kind of ghost is called a maron, its a ghost that only attacks women

I belong to a paranormal group in Nashville called the American Paranormal Society. Email me and I can set you up something with the group leader. You can also find us on FB. We don't charge. We're very professional. We keep things confidential. Our group got to investigate a well known church last weekend.

Tell it to move on try to strike up a converse with him tell him he needs to move out of libo and go on to his next life and to stop harrassing you and your daughter if you dont it'll only get worse.

As an experienced Ghost hunter; My advise would be to have some local ghost hunter group come and do some EVP investagations and see what they can find in your home as far as answers, it sounds to me like they are trying to get your attention, but causing pain is not a good thing and makes me wonder if it is a negitive spirit. I would try in the mean time to get some sage and bless the house go to every room and in every window sill bless each and every room. down to the basement if you have one. That way you are safe from any negitive engery. I hope this helps. if I lived closer I would bring me crew down.

Try calling T.A.P.S. or look them up on the internet. The investigate events like you have described. And I think they would be pretty quick about it since there are children involved. Good luck to you.

Because your daughter was punched and you were touched by this ghost, I would say that is not appropriate behavior and would contact a local paranormal investigator. Most do the investigations for free.