There Goes the Neighbothood.

Ever since i can remeber i've had dreams that correctly predict the future, they are only a few seconds long but it's enough. once one even saved my parents life. a few years ago i convinced myself it was all just a concidence and they went away. now about a month and a half ago a few of my friends started acting werid. i wondered what was up and i asked them. they told me it was nothing and i was said "Ok whatever." a couple weeks later we were sitting in a class we all shared, they passed me a note and told me why they were acting freaky. they said they could see ghost and talk to them. i didn't believe them at all, but i started getting really bad cold chills. i never got cold chills but just i chalked in up to the room being cold or some lame excuse like that. the next couple of days i thought they were crazy, until i started feeling something watching me. i was like "i'm just being paranoid calm down there isn't anything following you, and there deffinatly aren't ghost. i went to school the next day and i was told them about something following me and how i was being silly, they didn't laugh.  i got a blinding head ache at that moment and i said, "Um, headaches don't have anything to do with what you guys think you can talk to does it?" of course it did, but i still didn't believe. the more i thought about it the more it just seemed to fit. The logic we've been taught since birth is very hard to over come however. it took a few more days and a lot of convining from my friends, but now i believe too. now the dreams are coming back, and i can sense when one of these ghosts are in a room. Apperently too, the more time you spend around them the more sensetive you get. So maybe sometime soon i can talk to them too. let's hope becuase being followed by something invisble is creepy. It's an odd thing to know about and i will never be the same for knowing. hopefully this will turn out to be a good in some way. for now it's just quite freaky.

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

That's so freaky! I love things like this =] I'm a little weird yes I know haha.<br />
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Once I had a dream that my friend fell down the stairs, and the next day, i saved her from falling! Creepy, eh?

it just might be. i can't exactly ask them. yet anyway.

Maybe it isn't a ghost at all. Maybe it's an angel.

turns out what's been going on isn't the greastest. we thought one a the ghosts was going to kill us. turns out that he is here to help us. even though i'm a bit skeptical at least it's better than a death threat