BED Lifting Off Floor

When I had moved into this apartment, I didn't realize that it was haunted and had been for some time. One thing was happening after another. I turned off all lights and went to bed when it all started to happen. The bed started lifting off the floor and shaking back and forth. Then, the pain in my chest and stomach started, I have a high tolerance for pain and this was right up there whereas I kept praying to God to please stop this pain, that's all I was concentrating on, not the bed moving but the pain. This movement of the bed, music coming on and off, lights also turning on and off were all in unison. My prayers to relieve this pain had to stop and after about 5 minutes of this continuous moving of the bed, it finally stopped and the bed bounced on the floor. I got out of bed, called my mom in the middle of the night to have her try to get a Uhaul truck so that she could come and help me move all my belongings out. It was a very frightening experience and I wouldn't want anyone ever to experience something like this.
1gem4u 1gem4u
56-60, F
Aug 20, 2007